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Japan and US agree on trade as Trump hungers for farm win President hails 'really big' corn purchase after weekend talks -Nikkei

Japan calls South Korea's Takeshima military exercises 'unacceptable' as ties continue to sour Tokyo on Sunday protested South Korean military exercises that Seoul said were intended to “defend” a cluster of rocky islands that both nations claim, calling the drills “unacceptable,” just days after the South said it would leave a key intelligence-sharing pact it had signed with its Asian neighbor. -The Japan Times

China signals intervention as Hong Kong's protests intensify -SCMP

Inside the Hong Kong Protests The Communist Party of China would like the mainland Chinese population and the rest of the world to believe that the ongoing, sometimes violent protests in Hong Kong pose a threat of "terrorism." But the truth is that China has only itself to blame for pushing the city's idealistic youth into the streets once again. -Project Syndicate

Taiwan's new centrist political party is struggling for space Issues of sovereignty and Hong Kong protests dominate discussions -Nikkei


Explainer: What tools could Trump use to get U.S. firms to quit China? Unlike China, the United States does not have a centrally planned economy. So what legal action can the president take to compel American companies to do his bidding? -Reuters

Corporate America Sounds Alarm on Trump’s Threats Over China -Bloomberg

“He has a lot of authority through the national security statutes to disrupt trade and commerce in a way that would cause huge damage -- not just to the Chinese economy, but to the global economy and the U.S. economy”

China warns global CEOs: Toe the party line on Hong Kong The threat of losing access to China’s US$14 trillion economy leaves corporate bosses with no choice but to bow to Beijing’s authoritarian demands -Taipei Times

As Cathay feels the heat of political risk in China, it’s time to remember lessons of the Mao era -SCMP

·      Xi Jinping’s administration highlights how politics has always been in command in China, and companies must either adapt or rethink their China business

·      But nationalistic leaders and web users would do well to remember the losses suffered through extreme political correctness in the Mao era

Trade war hammers foreign investment in China and Southeast Asia New greenfield investment falls to 2009 level as globalization reverses course -Nikkei

Twitter Reveals China's Influence Campaign Targeting Hong Kong Protests It’s the first instance of a U.S. social media company identifying a Chinese government-run disinformation campaign. -The Diplomat

Indonesia threatens to halt Airbus jet orders over palm oil feud -Jakarta Post

Ministries call for enhanced management of foreign workers in Việt Nam -VietNamNews

Traditional taxi firms demand equal treatment with ride-hailing apps In Southeast Asia, the rise of ride-hailing companies like Grab and Go-Jek has shaken up urban transportation and caused traditional taxi operators to lose market share. -VietNamNews


Asia shares shaken, yen jumps on China-U.S. trade jitters Asian shares seemed set for a turbulent start on Monday as the latest salvo in the U.S.-China trade war shook confidence in the world economy and sent investors steaming to the safe harbor of sovereign bonds and the Japanese yen. -Reuters

Seoul to minimize economic fallout from trade row with Japan -Yonhap