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America Can’t Be Great Without a Grand Strategy -Bloomberg

Once a Protectionist, Always a Protectionist Why is NAFTA still the law of the land? -The American Spectator

Whether the strategy worked is still up for debate. Yes, NAFTA was renegotiated through the USMCA, but that agreement hasn’t been approved by the U.S. Congress or ratified by Mexico or Canada, either. In other words, NAFTA is still the law of the land. Unfortunately, the uncertainty over whether (and when) the USMCA will replace NAFTA places a significant economic burden on companies trying to make investment decisions and predictions throughout North America.

Trump must rely on human rights issue against North Korea -The Hill

Cracks appear in U.S. bipartisan unity on Venezuela -Reuters

Senator Bob Menendez, top Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee, said Washington must work harder to convince foreign partners to back multilateral sanctions against Maduro. Few countries have matched harsh U.S. punitive measures against Venezuela’s vital oil sector and its banks.

“The sanctions that we have are unilateral. They’re important,” Menendez told reporters. But the United States should “internationalize” those sanctions, he said.

America Must Lead on Venezuela -The National Interest


DOJ Issues New and More Robust Guidance on Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs -JDSupra

U.S. Department of Justice U.S. Department of Justice Criminal Division Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs -USDOJ

Comfort in Chaos A Silicon Valley pioneer talks populism and technology. -The American Interest

Facebook, Instagram ban Alex Jones, Louis Farrakhan, far-right figures -Politico

“We've always banned individuals or organizations that promote or engage in violence and hate, regardless of ideology," a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement. "The process for evaluating potential violators is extensive and it is what led us to our decision to remove these accounts today.”

Silicon Valley is awash in Chinese and Saudi cash — and no one is paying attention (except Trump) A tough, new enforcement regime is becoming a geopolitical minefield for venture capitalists and startups. -VOX

“You thought you’re in business. You’re actually in politics.”

Facebook's potential settlement with FTC will likely include WhatsApp Politico reported on Wednesday that Facebook and the Federal Trade Commision (FTC) were negotiating a possible settlement that would require the company to create an independent privacy oversight committee and take other steps to safeguard users. -Reuters

Chinese ride-hailing company buys billboards in Times Square to demand refunds from Tesla -The Hill

Foreign government leases at Trump World Tower stir more emoluments concerns The U.S. State Department allowed at least seven foreign governments to rent luxury condominiums in New York’s Trump World Tower in 2017 without approval from Congress, according to documents and people familiar with the leases, a potential violation of the U.S. Constitution’s emoluments clause. -Reuters

Big Banks Stay On as Sponsors of Bolsonaro Gala Shunned by Delta Delta Air Lines Inc. and the Financial Times this week joined Bain & Co. in pulling their sponsorship of a New York gala dinner honoring Jair Bolsonaro, the polarizing president of Brazil. -Bloomberg

In Cuba, Carnival Cruise Ships Have Been Using Stolen Ports, Original Owners Say Revolutionaries confiscated the Havana Docks Company in 1960.CreditCreditHavana Docks Company -NYT


Trump Fed pick Stephen Moore withdraws amid GOP opposition President Donald Trump announced Thursday that conservative commentator Stephen Moore has withdrawn as a candidate for the Federal Reserve, a stinging blow to the president’s efforts to install political loyalists at the central bank. -Politico

Trump Hails Steel Tariffs in Defiance of GOP Request to End Them -Bloomberg

Puerto Rico Seeks to Have $9 Billion in Debt Ruled Unconstitutional The government oversight board leading Puerto Rico through its $123 billion debt crisis sued dozens of banks and financial firms on Thursday, saying that they had helped the island issue $9 billion of debt illegally, and that the people of Puerto Rico should not have to repay it. -The New York Times

Trump ally in House calls for doubling gas tax to pay for infrastructure -The Hill

Tesla expects global shortage of electric vehicle battery minerals Tesla Inc expects global shortages of nickel, copper and other electric-vehicle battery minerals down the road due to underinvestment in the mining sector, the company’s global supply manager for battery metals told an industry conference on Thursday, according to two sources. -Reuters

Trump erases offshore drilling rules enacted after BP oil spill

Quebec Keeps Electricity Cheap for Crypto Miners Under New Rules New rules released by the Canadian province’s energy regulator Monday create blockchain as a client category of its own and order utility Hydro-Quebec to set aside an extra 300 megawatt for the industry, on top of 368 megawatts already committed. Applying companies will be judged on four criteria, including the number of jobs created, planned investments and heat recovery plans for the energy-intensive computing process that makes transactions with digital currencies possible. -Bloomberg