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Sumo diplomacy as Abe courts Trump, but U.S. leader's tweets may have left Tokyo unnerved -The Japan Times

“Great progress being made in our Trade Negotiations with Japan,” Trump tweeted later in the day. “Agriculture and beef heavily in play. Much will wait until after their July elections where I anticipate big numbers!”

Xi raises anti-US banner and pushes party 'education' campaign Beijing shifts to hard-line stance as tariff war escalates -Nikkei

China must stop fanning the flames of anti-American nationalism Beijing risks creating unrealistic domestic expectations that could boost tensions with US -Nikkei

Hong Kong and the US-China New Cold War Will Hong Kong be a “Free World outpost” or a bastion for “Red China”? -The Diplomat

Modi Has a Huge Mandate in India. Now What Will He Do? -NYT

Taiwan merits inclusion at WHA The WHO Secretariat has failed to stay politically neutral, as an intergovernmental organization should, and ignores that the international community — including the US, Japan and the EU — have spoken out in support of Taiwan participating in the WHA. -Taipei Times

VN, US to augment economic and defence ties -VNews


Tech Cold War Will Force World to Choose Team China, or America? Don’t expect it to be easy. -Bloomberg

Trade battles and big power competition—more pain for the tech industry After a lull, the trade war is back on. From new moves to lock Huawei out of the US to tightening visa reguations for Chinese nationals, from new tariffs to new Trump tweets, both China and the US are ramping up for another battle after the March cease-fire. While many are still crossing their fingers in hopes of a quick resolution, leadership in both countries show no signs of backing down. -TechNode

China tech transfer complaints rising The EU Chamber of Commerce’s Charlotte Roule said that its members reported compelled technology transfers were double the rate of 2017 -Taipei Times

China says U.S. needs to fix 'wrong actions' as Huawei ban rattles supply chains -Reuters

China’s cybersecurity laws may be used to block US tech firms on national security grounds, says expert -SCMP

·       The draft measures have been released online for public feedback until June 24

·       They were published amid escalating trade war tensions between Beijing and Washington

Trump knocks trade advantage while urging Japanese business leaders to increase investments in U.S. U.S. President Donald Trump on Saturday urged Japanese business leaders to increase their investment in the United States while saying Japan has a substantial edge on trade that negotiators are trying to even out. -The Japan Times

Amazon Japan halts direct sales of Huawei devices E-tailer still allows third-party vendors to sell Chinese company's products -Nikkei

Cultural differences a hurdle for Chinese tech firms in Southeast Asia, India The most critical problem for Chinese companies to expand to overseas markets is how to acclimatize, according to panelists speaking on Thursday at the Emerge by TechNode conference in Shanghai. Southeast Asia consists of 11 countries with different languages and culture, while India is a multi-ethnic country with 22 official languages. -TechNode


China says U.S. demand on its state-owned enterprises is 'invasion' on economic sovereignty -Reuters

“Obviously, this is beyond the scope of trade negotiations and touches on China’s fundamental economic system,” Xinhua said.

China regulator downplays trade war impact -The Straits Times

China's top banking regulator says yuan bears will suffer 'heavy losses' China’s banking and insurance regulator said on Saturday it did not expect a persistent decline in the yuan and warned speculative short sellers they would suffer “heavy losses” if they bet against the currency. -Reuters

China's April soybean imports from U.S. up 15.9% month-on-month, Brazilian imports soar -Reuters

Boost tax revenue from digital economy -The Jakarta Post

Thais could gain from US tariffs "If the US raises import tariffs as threatened, we expect Thailand will benefit from increased exports to the US worth $200 million-copy billion," she said. "However, US consumers themselves will be hard... -Bangkok Post

In Malaysia, a snag in US search for alternative to Chinese rare earths -SCMP

·       As the trade war threatens to put Chinese rare earth minerals out of America’s grasp, Washington turns to alternative supplies to fill the gap

·       Few Malaysians are willing to tolerate the environmental damage that would entail

Vietnam Culls 1.7 Million Pigs as Virus Spreads to New Areas -Bloomberg