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U.S.'s Lighthizer, Mnuchin to travel to China for trade talks: White House -Reuters

Xi and Trump Miss Their Chance A successful US-Japan agreement on structural reforms three decades ago could potentially serve as a useful model for the current China-US trade negotiations. But Chinese President Xi Jinping appears to care only about maintaining political control, while US President Donald Trump seems to care only about himself. -Project Syndicate

China recruits Westerners to sell its “democracy” This reveals more than the party intends -The Economist

Defying Allies, Italy Signs On to New Silk Road With China The memorandum of understanding formalized on Saturday provides a framework agreement for billions of euros in business deals between Italian and Chinese-state backed companies. But analysts said that what mattered more was its political symbolism, as it signaled waning American influence, a rising China and tensions among the founding partners of the European Union.

The US-China trade war is drawing a new battle line over megaproject funding. At least it will be good for infrastructure -SCMP

THAI ELECTION TICKER Top 10 parties with most votes Unofficial vote counting results -The Bangkok Post


China central bank head says country to step up oversight of systemically important financial firms. -Reuters

China has repeatedly vowed to improve market access for foreign investors and companies amid criticism from major trading partners, including the United States.

China refuses to concede on U.S. demands to ease curbs on tech firms: FT

Under Armour to use Hong Kong as its launching pad for Asia-Pacific growth and competition with bigger sportswear rivals -SCMP

Small Japanese firms fear foreign laborers will abandon them when new visas kick in As Japan braces for a fresh influx of foreign workers from the new visa system starting next month, small and midsize firms fear the system will end up helping only major firms in large cities, since those who qualify for the two new “specified skills” visas will be free to switch companies in the same sector. -The Japan Times

The Latest: Trump reversing new sanctions on North Korea -The Washington Post

F-16s deal will be paradigm shift for US Taiwan had wanted the fifth generation F-35 fighter, but has to settle for second-best The Trump administration is believed to have given “tacit approval” for Taiwan to purchase 66 F-16V  fighter jets from Lockheed Martin in what would be the biggest US arms sale to the island since 1992. -Asia Times

The Looming Taiwan Crisis Forty years of finessing Taiwan’s status may be coming to a dangerous end. -CFR

A response to Richard Haass’s article in CFR: “The looming crisis over Taiwan” No mention of Beijing’s frequent economic pressures to bring Taiwan under its control; No mention of the absurdly childish punishments imposed on countries to eradicate Taiwan’s name and separate existence from maps, travel destinations, even commercial articles of clothing -Taiwan Insight

Taiwan -- unlikely beneficiary of the trade war? Island gains when companies diversify from mainland but cannot escape Beijing's reach -Nikkei

West Java to help IKEA acquire land in West Bandung West Java Governor Ridwan “Emil” Kamil has pledged to assist IKEA in acquiring land for its new outlet in West Bandung, as the Swedish multinational furniture retailer planned to break ground on the new outlet at the end of the month. -Jakarta Post

Mining permits revoked after Wawonii protests Violent protests by residents on island in Sulawesi province force deputy governor to revoke mining permits -Asia Times

Facebook, Google Face Steeper Privacy Fines Under Australia Plan Australia’s government will introduce measures to increase fines for breaches, strengthen disclosure policies and embolden its privacy regulator to crack down on data misuse, according to a statement Sunday. -Bloomberg


China-Canada spat over Huawei sends oilseed prices sliding Exporter accuses Beijing of retaliatory 'attack' on Canadian agriculture -Nikkei

Companies still reluctant to relocate from Tokyo despite tax breaks, survey finds -The Japan Times

India is no longer a defaulters' paradise Tycoons are being held to global standards on debt obligations for the first time -Nikkei

Vietnam is shaping up to be Southeast Asia’s next hottest startup ecosystem -Tech-in-Asia

Malaysian leader Mahathir Mohamad threatens to boycott EU fighter jets over palm oil -SCMP

Cambodia Faces Major Economic Blow as E.U. Weighs Ending Trade Deal For 17 years, Cambodia has benefited from preferential access to the European Union, its biggest trading partner, under a program called Everything but Arms, which allows what the bloc calls “vulnerable developing countries” to pay fewer or no duties on all their exports to the bloc, except weapons and ammunition. The trading deal has contributed to a period of rapid economic growth in Cambodia. -NYT