APAC Mondays

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Kim Jong-un leaves North Korea for Vietnam by train -BBC

Five things to know as Thai election race enters final month There's still time for more twists after princess's disqualification -Nikkei Asian Review

1. How is the election expected to play out?

2. Why did the nomination of Princess Ubolratana for prime minister cause such a stir?

3. Why would Thaksin's allies make such a risky gamble?

4. Who is favored to win?

5. Is there a risk of new political unrest or another coup?

Okinawa residents vote against relocation of U.S. Futenma base to Henoko in referendum -The Japan Times


Faking it on Twitter: Why social media may not sway Asia elections Candidates' inflated followings and low engagement suggest reach is overstated -Nikkei Asian Review

 Thirty years after U.S. curbs on exports to China were eased, two giants' politics and tech collide –The Japan Times

 “U.S. eases curbs on exports to China” read a Reuters headline on March 1, 1989, when Washington lifted long-standing restrictions on technology shipments to China.

China’s Entrepreneurs Are Wary of Its Future Behind the scenes, businesspeople worry that Beijing has become more interested in solidifying its control over people’s lives than promoting economic growth. -NYT

Hong Kong to issue digital banking licenses to Chinese firms Hong Kong authorities are preparing to issue digital banking licenses to six Chinese tech companies, including internet and gaming group Tencent, digital payment service provider Ant Financial, smartphone maker Xiaomi, and online insurer ZhongAn. -Tech-in-Asia

India proposes new e-commerce regulations with focus on data rules India outlined a new draft policy for its burgeoning e-commerce sector on Saturday, focusing on data localization, improved privacy safeguards and measures to combat the sale of counterfeit products. -Reuters

Modi, With Eye on Election, Begins Distributing Cash to Farmers -Bloomberg

Ahead of Trump-Kim summit, South Korean firms in Vietnam dream of return to North Korea In early 2016, Choi Dong-jin and some 120 other South Korean business owners reluctantly shuttered factories at a jointly run North Korean industrial park after Seoul ordered the facility closed following a long-range rocket test by Pyongyang. -Reuters

Facebook has a terrorism problem in the Philippines Asia Foundation-Rappler study shows how Islamic State-aligned groups use Facebook to recruit new members to their extremist cause -Asia Times

Finding Kazakhstan’s Troll Farms Nurbots fill comment sections across the Kazakh internet. They may not be convincing but they pollute online discourse. -The Diplomat


Chinese defaults are canaries in the global mine The problem with 2019 is how the clock is catching up with Beijing’s stimulus efforts and the effect it will have on the economy -Asia Times

Misreading China’s Strength With the Chinese economy slowing, the US believes that China is hurting and desperate for a deal to end the bilateral trade war before it resumes after March 1, when the current 90-day truce expires. But the two economies’ longer-term fundamentals compel a very different verdict on relative strength. -Project Syndicate

All the Ways China Influences the Yuan, and How to Monitor Them -Bloomberg

China coal curbs blow diplomatic smog Down Under China’s curbs on Australian coal are sending some smog into the southern hemisphere. At least one big port appears to have barred imports of the stuff from Down Under, and customs delays have been lengthening. Beijing has used such tactics in the past to reduce stockpiles and support domestic prices. But denting a top export earner is likely to be interpreted as a diplomatic message too, when ties with Canberra are already strained. -Reuters

Japan's plastic waste shipments fall 30% after China import ban; experts urge action to curb usage Japan’s shipments of plastic waste overseas in 2018 decreased 30 percent, figures from a research institute showed Thursday, due to restrictions China imposed on receiving such waste in late 2017. -The Japan Times