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Trump will sign spending bill and declare national emergency The Senate approved the spending measure to avert the shutdown, with the House set to vote later tonight. -Politico

Green New Deal: Reality Continues to Leak from American Life In ten years America will have only non-carbon renewable energy. (Exxon Mobil plans to produce 25 percent more oil and gas in 2025 than in 2017.) By then, “every building in America” will be environmentally retrofitted, “farting cows” (methane gas; say goodbye to hamburgers) will be on the way out, fast electric trains will make airplanes unnecessary, “every combustion-engine vehicle” will be gone (but relax: charging stations will be “everywhere”). -National Review

Does ‘limited war’ mean limited risks for aggressors? -The Hill

“At its deepest level, it requires a fundamental shift in the way the DOD conceives of what is required for effective deterrence and defense. This is because the United States and its allies will be facing great powers — especially in the case of China. This is a dramatically different world than that which characterized the post-Cold War period, in which our armed forces could focus on ‘rogue states’ and terrorist groups because of the lack of a near-peer competitor.”


The Tariffs No One Seems to Want Edge Closer to Trump’s Arsenal -Bloomberg

“We’re not doing anything dramatic to really grow our business,” Haughey, president of Tennessee-based North American Stamping Group, said by phone. “We’re not hiring those extra people, we’re not growing and spending the extra capital money in anticipation that we might have to hunker down for a while.”

Trump’s executive order on AI, explained The president lays out a bold vision for how to make the US No. 1 in artificial intelligence, but critics say it’s just hollow words. -Recode

How to Win a Tech Cold War Carving out areas of American technology that are off-limits to China requires a scalpel, not a chainsaw. -Bloomberg

Europe puts American tech on leash Copyright deal shows digital giants that Brussels is boss. -Politico

U.S. negotiating multibillion-dollar fine with Facebook The U.S. government and Facebook Inc are negotiating a settlement over the company’s privacy lapses that could require the online social network to pay a multibillion-dollar fine -Reuters

T-Mobile CEO defends $26 billion Sprint merger deal in Congress hearing Chief Executive John Legere defended T-Mobile's $26 billion deal to buy rival wireless carrier Sprint in Congress. -The Washington Post

As Amazon drops New York City project, progressives claim a major coup -Reuters

Amazon’s Retreat and the New Politics of Tech What Amazon pulling out of Queens means for the urban growth machine -The Atlantic

U.S. bookings to Cuba expected to rise, but Americans still confused about travel rules During the first half of 2018, bookings to Cuba fell off drastically but began to recover in the latter half of the year. Cuba still finished the year with a record 4.75 million international visitors — although it missed its goal of 5 million. -Miami Herald

Canadian copper miner’s $10B bet comes to life in Panama jungle -Toronto Star


Rubio’s Stock Buyback Plan Sounds Sane, Even If His Reasoning Is Not The key to his idea’s success is to make sure it isn’t sullied by fiscal irresponsibility. -Bloomberg

JPMorgan Chase Moves to Be First Big U.S. Bank With Its Own Cryptocurrency With the announcement of its coin, JPMorgan is widening its experiment and moving to make the idea of digital currencies more palatable to its typically risk-averse corporate customers. -NYT

Wind Gets Mightier In The U.S., And Trump Is Just Hot Air On Coal -Forbes

Wall Street Is More Than Willing to Fund the Green New Deal Investing in the environment is already a $12 trillion market. Now markets are just looking for guidance from Congress. -Bloomberg