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Global Spain vs. Catalan separatists: The ultimate PR battle Ahead of a high-stakes criminal trial, Madrid wants to fight the narrative of secessionist leaders on the international stage. -Politico.eu


Europe hopes to fend off election hackers with ‘cyber sanctions’ Officials are finalizing a sanctions regime to punish hacks and attempted disruptions ahead of May’s vote. -Politico.eu

Few tears shed by French workers after Macron's Alstom dream is blocked After four decades on the production line at French trainmaker Alstom, Claude Gemino had little sympathy for Emmanuel Macron when Brussels scotched the French president’s hopes of creating a European rail champion. -Reuters

Germany hits Facebook at heart of its business model Germany’s probe is based on national law and may not be more broadly applicable across Europe. -Politico.eu

Apple announces agreement on French back taxes Apple has reached an agreement with French authorities over 10 years of back taxes, the US firm told AFP on Tuesday, confirming information published by the French magazine L'Express. -France24

Has the U.K. Found a Way to Curb Facebook and Google? A U.K. government review into the media business has produced some measured proposals. They may actually stand a chance of success. -Bloomberg

Ford told UK PM May it is preparing alternative production sites: The Times -Reuters

The real reasons Nissan pulled its investment -BBC

No-deal Brexit would leave many businesses facing ‘extinction’, warns food industry chief UK food industry has already threatened to stop cooperating with the government if politicians do not focus on Brexit -The Independent


The Mirage of a Global Euro When the euro was introduced a generation ago, European leaders envisaged a common currency that would come to rival the US dollar as a second global reserve currency. That hope has failed to materialize – an outcome that European leaders would be wise to welcome. -Project Syndicate

Could EU energy security be guaranteed without Nord Stream 2? Political arguments concerning the EU's energy security are dominating the current row over whether the Russia-led gas pipeline project Nord Stream 2 should go ahead. But could the bloc do without the extra supplies? -DW

Study: Germany needs 260,000 immigrants a year to meet labor demand A study has found that migrant labor from within the European Union will fall short of the economy's needs. To plug the gap, Germany will need 146,000 workers per year from non-EU countries. -DW

Russia's Growth Expectations Fall Back to Earth The economic data for 2018 were surprisingly rosy. The outlook for this year is sharply less upbeat. -Bloomberg

We must not hand over important decisions to algorithms we don’t understand. Artificial intelligence is coming to your inbox. A Finnish company has rolled out a new product that lets potential employers scan the private emails of job applicants to determine whether or not they would be a good fit for the organization. -Politico.eu

Exports of Scotch whisky hit a record high last year, according to new figures. Analysis of HMRC data by the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) found exports grew 7.8% by value to £4.7bn. -BBC