Europe Should Help the U.K. to Cancel Brexit The European Union could clear the way for a second Brexit vote. -Bloomberg  

In England's forgotten 'rust belt', voters show little sign of Brexit regret -Reuters

Matteo Salvini: Can Italy trust this man? His words struck a chord with the electorate. Salvini's League party did better than expected at the polls. In June, he was sworn in as deputy prime minister and interior minister in a coalition government with the populist Five Star Movement. The two parties installed an unknown former law professor, Giuseppe Conte, as a relatively powerless prime minister. Salvini ended up becoming the most powerful figure in the government. -BBC

Matteo Salvini has mastered the use of Facebook Live as a tool to convey his often inflammatory message

Russian PM warns NATO admission of Georgia could trigger 'terrible conflict' Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Monday that any future NATO decision to admit Georgia to its ranks could trigger “a terrible conflict” and questioned why the alliance would consider such a move. -Reuters

Regime Change Isn’t the Goal With New Iran Sanctions, Bolton Says -Bloomberg

EU defiant in face of Trump threats over Iran trade The EU foreign affairs minister encouraged companies to ignore US President Donald Trump's threats on doing business with Iran. She said it's up to Europeans to decide who they trade with. -DW

Canada, Saudi stand firm as diplomatic rift deepens Saudi Arabia and Canada on Monday showed no signs of backing down in an escalating row over human rights, after Riyadh abruptly cut ties over Ottawa's vigorous calls for the release of activists jailed in the kingdom. -France24

Saudi Arabia's feud with Canada shows the true colours of its regime The Crown Prince is counting on Trump's support, western silence and world governments turning a blind eye – and when that doesn’t work he tries to bully countries into submission -The Independent

The High Cost of Food Monopolies in Africa -Bloomberg

A bubbling Islamist insurgency in Mozambique could grow deadlier Militants have torched villages and carried out a spate of atrocities in the gas-rich north -The Economist



EU confronts member states issuing citizenship for money The EU says member states need to keep an eye on the number of citizenships they hand out in exchange for investment. Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova has warned that citizenships for sale represent a security threat. -DW

EU's top court backs copyright holder in landmark ruling Users who publish content freely available on the internet should get consent from the person behind it, Europe’s top court ruled on Tuesday in a boost to the bloc’s creative industries. -Reuters

Berlin wants power to intervene if non-EU buyer gets 15 percent of a German firm: report Berlin tightened controls on foreign investments last year after a series of high-profile takeovers by Chinese companies, making it possible for the government to intervene if a buyer amassed a shareholding of 25 percent. -Reuters

HSBC to move seven offices from London to Paris amid Brexit uncertainty -France24

Ride-hailing app Ola ramps up rivalry with Uber as it prepares UK launch Indian firm said it charges drivers industry-low commission rates -The Independent

Disinformation and ‘fake news’: Interim Report -House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee

Hungary rolls out red carpet for German carmakers BMW is following in the footsteps of its German rivals like Mercedes and Audi by investing a billion euros in a new plant in Hungary. The Central European country has become an attractive location for German carmakers. -DW

Firms face legal risk over Iran sanctions European banks that deny companies access to dollar-based bank accounts because of US sanctions against Iran could find themselves being sued by their own customers. -BBC

US sanctions target Iran's access to US banknotes and key industries -France24

Snapchat gets $250M investment from Saudi prince for 2.3% -Tech Crunch


German exports still defy trade worries In the first half of 2018, German trade remained on a solid growth path. But is stagnation in July a first foreboding of a slowdown caused by mounting concern over US President Donald Trump's trade measures? -DW

Sterling’s Brexit jitters bigger than they look Britain’s currency is jumpier than it might look. Options prices offer investors an easy way to check expectations of how much sterling is expected to move around. The relative calm implied by these measures masks a Brexit levy that only becomes apparent when they are compared with other major exchange rates. -Reuters

Why Nord Stream 2 is the world’s most controversial energy project Critics say that the natural-gas pipeline will strengthen Russia’s hand in Europe and isolate Ukraine -The Economist

Russia Can Weather Any New U.S. Sanctions, Says Moody’s -Moscow Times

Turkey’s Cratering Markets Stoke Speculation Over Extreme Measures -Bloomberg

Iraq: Energy & Geopolitics Raad Alkadiri, senior director at the BCG Center for Energy Impact and a senior associate with CSIS, sat down with Sarah Ladislaw to discuss key issues on government formation in Iraq, the priorities for the next government, and geopolitical influence from the U.S. and Iraq’s neighbors. -CSIS (audio)