Macron says EU can no longer entrust its security to the US alone: 'It's up to us' French president says defence cooperation should include all European countries, including Russia -The Independent

Sustaining Europe’s Security Trio Credible joint initiatives by France, Germany, and the UK will have a greater international impact than a common European position emanating from a debate in the EU’s Political and Security Committee. -Project Syndicate

Merkel slams far-right violence in Chemnitz, Seehofer and AfD more muted Many high-ranking German politicians joined Chancellor Merkel in issuing a blanket condemnation of racism and violence. However, anti-immigration voices in the corridors of power were less vehement. -DW

Italy and Hungary vow to work together on hardline approach to migrants -Reuters

U.K. and EU Drop October Deadline for Brexit Deal -Bloomberg

Redrawing Balkan borders would be a fatal mistake I made a personal plea to the presidents of Serbia and Kosovo — but it fell on deaf ears. -Politico

Picturing a post-Putin Russia -Reuters

The Sick Man of Europe Returns When the Republic of Turkey emerged from the wreckage of the Ottoman Empire after World War I, its national ambition was to join Europe as a modern, secular state. -Project Syndicate

US tells UN top court it has no jurisdiction over Iran sanctions Iran has taken the US government before the International Court of Justice to demand the suspension of sanctions. Following Trump's decision to quit the nuclear accord, the US reimposed punitive restrictions on Iran. -DW

Iran-based political influence operation - bigger, persistent, global An apparent Iranian influence operation targeting internet users worldwide is significantly bigger than previously identified, Reuters has found, encompassing a sprawling network of anonymous websites and social media accounts in 11 different languages. -Reuters

Land reform in South Africa has been slow and inept It could get even worse -The Economist



EU to tighten screws on internet giants to remove terrorist content New regulation would force tech companies to take down flagged material within an hour. -Politico.eu

Facebook takes down hundreds of 'misleading' accounts linked to Iran, Russia -France24

A JOURNEY WITHOUT GOOGLE MAPS ‘Overtourism’ Worries Europe. How Much Did Technology Help Get Us There? But my tech-abetted trip was illuminating, too, because it provided a firsthand look into a vexing problem that has gripped much of Europe lately — the worry of “overtourism,” and the rising chorus that blames technologies like Airbnb, Uber and other internet-enabled travel conveniences for the menace. -NYT

Paris leads efforts to puncture Airbnb Airbnb follows in Uber’s footsteps as the platform big cities love to regulate, with Paris cracking down the hardest -Politico.eu

Brussels: May’s Brexit plan would save UK business billions EU negotiators proposed boycotting the talks if the UK presented the Chequers Brexit plan. -Politico.eu

It’s Time for Abramovich to Sell Chelsea FC Wealthy Russians once hoped to buy prestige by owning major Western sports teams. No more. -Bloomberg

Air France, British Airways set to end Tehran flights -France24

Second-hand clothes, smuggling and the US-China trade war in Africa US­ President Donald Trump has suspended duty-free treatment for apparel products from Rwanda. What appears to be a trade war between the US and one of the smallest countries in Africa, reveals a US-China rivalry. -DW


Germany urges SWIFT end to US payments dominance Germany’s foreign minister has reiterated calls for the EU to free itself from dependence on the US and adopting its own international payments channel is one way of doing that. But is he barking up the wrong money tree? -DW

Italian bond yields fall on report govt may ask ECB for more QE -Reuters

Swedish Krona at Crisis Levels 11 Days Before Historic Election The Swedish currency is trading at levels not seen since the global financial crisis as the Nordic country girds for an historic election that has the potential to dramatically change its political landscape. -Bloomberg

Norway’s $1 Trillion Wealth Fund Wants More Time to Shift Stocks -Bloomberg

Germany Looks for Ways to Help Turkey Without Offering Emergency Funding -Bloomberg

Saudi king tipped the scale against Aramco IPO plans For the past two years, Saudi Arabia has prepared to place up to 5 percent of its national oil company on the stock market. Officials talked up the Saudi Aramco initial public offering (IPO) with international exchanges, global banks and U.S. President Donald Trump. -Reuters