Trump Says Democrats Can’t Impeach Him Because He’s Doing a ‘Great Job’ -Bloomberg

John McCain: American Hero He acted with honor and integrity, no matter the personal costs. The rest of us should follow his example. -Bloomberg

The John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019 (“NDAA”), signed into law by President Trump on August 13, 2018, brings together several key Congressional efforts to update and reform U.S. controls on foreign investment and to safeguard emerging U.S. technologies in a single piece of legislation that will reverberate globally across M&A, private equity, and in particular venture capital activity and sovereign wealth fund investments. -JD Supra

Key elements of the NDAA discussed in this series of Alerts include:

  • Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act (“FIRRMA”): both a “modernization of the processes and authorities” of CFIUS
  • Export Control Reform Act (“ECRA”): will create an interagency process to identify “emerging and foundational technologies” that should be subject to export control due to their national security implications
  • Chinese Investment Activity Report: FIRRMA codifies a requirement for CFIUS to issue a biannual report to Congress on foreign direct investment in the United States by Chinese entities

Trump to Back $200 Billion China Tariffs as Early as Next Week, Sources Say -Bloomberg

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Huntington’s Legacy Samuel Huntington was not right about everything. Rather, his greatness lay in his ability to conceptualize big ideas in a wide variety of fields. Since Samuel Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations has been contrasted with my own End of History in countless introductory International Relations classes over the past two decades, I might as well begin by tackling at the outset the issue of how we’re doing vis-à-vis one another. At the moment, it looks like Huntington is winning. -The American Interest



Trump allows targeted relief on steel, aluminum quotas: Commerce Department -Reuters

“Companies can apply for product exclusions based on insufficient quantity or quality available from U.S. steel or aluminum producers,” the statement said. “In such cases, an exclusion from the quota may be granted and no tariff would be owed.”

Trump’s Assault on Google The right is pressuring tech to be more MAGA-friendly. On Tuesday, in the course of his morning rage-tweeting, Donald Trump denounced Google for having news results “RIGGED” against him, “so that almost all stories & news is BAD.” It was part of an escalating right-wing assault on various technology platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, which conservatives are accusing, in timeworn fashion, of liberal bias. -NYT

New York’s Misdirected War on Ride-Sharing Will Only Hurt Consumers Residents in dense cities like New York need all of the transportation options they can get. Unfortunately, a recent move by the city government leaves New Yorkers bereft of innovative ride-sharing options for unconvincing reasons. -The Bridge

Pacific Northwest cities hire outside vendors to police Airbnb-type rentals The cities of Portland and Salem made eyebrow-raising discoveries earlier this month when they compared the number of formally licensed short-term rentals with actual listings scraped off of the Airbnb platform. Around 80 percent of the listings appeared to be unregistered. -nwNews

Brazil government to approve Embraer-Boeing deal after elections: minister The Brazilian government will approve the tie-up between Boeing Co (BA.N) and Embraer SA (EMBR3.SA), which is still under President Michel Temer’s mandate, but only after the October presidential elections, Brazilian Defense Ministry Joaquim Silva e Luna said on Thursday. -Reuters


Trump’s New Nafta May Leave His Job and Deficit Pledges Unfulfilled -Bloomberg

“It will cost us jobs,” was the blunt assessment offered by Mickey Kantor, who shepherded Nafta into being as President Bill Clinton’s trade representative. “Why we’re doing this is mainly to fulfill a political philosophy rather than create jobs.”

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