The idea of Eurasia is once again the subject of geopolitics The emerging order is one that Marco Polo would recognize OH, EAST is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet. Perhaps that was true when an Iron Curtain ran down the middle of Europe, and Mao Zedong’s China had turned disastrously inward. But now? This week leaders of the European Union and China met at a summit in Beijing to praise “EU-China connectivity”. -The Economist

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China, EU seize control of the world’s cyber agenda The U.S. guided global internet policy for decades. Now, the EU and China are taking the lead -Politico

Xi Jinping signs up Senegal for belt and road plan, pledges closer Africa ties China says it will support country in the areas of development, anti-terror, peacekeeping and ‘maintaining social stability’ -SCMP

Xi Needs a Confucian Foreign Policy China is becoming a superpower. It should act like one. China has suffered a series of diplomatic blows lately. Relations with the U.S. are at a multi-decade low as a trade war escalates. This month, Malaysia suspended four Chinese-backed projects as its prime minister tries to pull away from Beijing’s orbit. From Myanmar to Sri Lanka to Vietnam, China’s overseas investments are being met with a growing backlash. -Bloomberg

Top CIA official says China waging ‘cold war’ to replace U.S. as leading global power -The Japan Times

Chinese leadership “has been aspiring, expanding its ambitions, its interests, its activities around the globe to compete with the United States, and at the end of day, to undermine our influence relative to their influence.”

Modi to Face No-Confidence Vote as Opposition Ramps Up Pressure Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government faces a no-confidence vote on Friday as the opposition uses the new monsoon session of India’s parliament to challenge his administration ahead of general elections early next year. -Bloomberg

Taiwan News: Mainland Affairs Minister Chen Tells It Strait in Washington -The News Lens

Vietnam stands to lose from trade war between big powers The ongoing trade war between the U.S. and China could hurt Vietnam if it escalates and more countries adopt protective policies -VNExpress

A New Battle for Guadalcanal, This Time With China -NYT



Trade war shrinks Chinese companies’ first-half mergers and acquisitions in America Deals in the US have fallen to US$1.5b in the first half from US$7.5b a year ago, bumping the US down to China’s eighth top target market -SCMP

U.S. lawmakers cut anti-ZTE measure from defense bill -Reuters

Didi starts Japan taxi service as SoftBank’s Son slams the country’s e-hailing ban The ride-hailing giant has teamed up with SoftBank to establish its new Japan unit, which avoids the ban by working with licensed taxi companies. Didi plans to roll out the service in major cities including Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Kyoto by autumn this year. (Didi Chuxing) -Tech in Asia

Five things to know about Japan's new casino law Parliament passes historic bill opening up $16bn gaming market -Nikkei

Nearly two-thirds oppose recently passed bill authorizing casinos; Cabinet approval rating falls to 43.4%: poll -The Japan Times

‘Populist policies’ may take toll on Pertamina assets There were at least two government policies that would affect Pertamina’s cash flow, he explained, namely maintaining the low price of Premium-branded gasoline in Java, Madura and Bali as well as the general pricing policy for gasoline sold across country. -The Jakarta Post

Facebook now 'crucial' news source in run-up to Cambodia election Hun Sen government extends media crackdown to social networks -Nikkei


Beijing invents a different way to run an economy -The Japan Times

China’s Currency Catch-22 As the Trump administration ratchets up tariffs on Chinese goods, many observers have begun to wonder if China will respond with a strategic currency devaluation to boost the competitiveness of its exports. But, despite despite possessing a powerful financial and monetary arsenal, Chinese policymakers have no good options. -Project Syndicate

Trump blasts China, EU for keeping currencies low -The Straits Times

BOJ chief mum on reports BOJ planning ways to ease pain from monetary easing Bank of Japan Gov. Haruhiko Kuroda stuck to the bank’s playbook on Saturday, declining to comment on reports that policymakers are considering measures to soften the side effects of their aggressive and unorthodox monetary easing campaign. -The Japan Times

Japan's Aso voices concern about capital outflows from China, emerging market Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso said on Saturday he expressed concerns at the G20 finance leaders’ meeting that monetary policy normalization at advanced economies could accelerate capital outflows from China and emerging market economies. -Reuters

Bank Indonesia holds key rate at 5.25 percent -The Jakarta Post

Unstoppable worker outflow dims Cambodia's future prospects Thailand gets tough on migrants but keeps absorbing labor needed for development -Nikkei

China's Xi offers fresh $295 million grant to Sri Lanka in push for dominance Chinese President Xi Jinping has offered Sri Lanka a fresh grant of 2 billion yuan ($295 million), as Beijing tries to expand its influence in the tiny island country off India’s southern tip. -Reuters