Xi Jinping’s Vision for Global Governance Last month, the Communist Party of China concluded its Central Conference on Work Relating to Foreign Affairs, the second since Xi Jinping became China’s undisputed ruler in 2012. These meetings express how the leadership sees China’s place in the world, but they tell the world much about China as well. -Project Syndicate

ALL GEOPOLITICS IS LOCAL China learns a very American lesson on the importance of ‘public diplomacy’ Beijing realises it must reach out more to the American people rather than pinning its only hope on the elites -SCMP

China, Social Credit and the Future of Global Governance China hopes this will cure many current ailments, including corruption in government procurement, a lack of food security and unequal access to healthcare. But the rest of the world can also learn something from this project; namely, the dangers of governing by grading people. -The News Lens

Don’t mention the trade war: what China doesn’t want people to know in its dispute with the US -SCMP

‘You can’t use trade war in your headline’, one media source says, as censors seek to control the way the dispute is reported

Media stews over growing Chinese numbers in Japan -The Japan Times

“And I also suppose that as venues for exchanges between Japanese and Chinese, they will help sow the seeds of dispelling friction between the two nations.”

‘Faux pacifists’ imperil Japan while empowering China The world would benefit from an assertive, proactive and militarily capable Japan. Radical leftists do Beijing's bidding by keeping Tokyo weak and neutralized -Asia Times

U.S., North Korea in rare talks over remains of Korean War soldiers: Yonhap

Singapore, France like-minded partners who agree on importance of multilateral system: PM Lee -The Straits Times

Mahathir reorients Malaysia Malaysia’s new prime minister, Mahathir Mohamad, continues to shake up national politics and policy. Earlier this month, his government arrested his predecessor, former Prime Minister Najib Razak, on charges of embezzlement. In addition, and related to that investigation, the Kuala Lumpur government has suspended four joint infrastructure projects with China. -The Japan Times

Malaysia Counts the Costs of Its 1MDB Scandal The new government’s pursuit of justice is just beginning -The Diplomat



U.S. lifts ban on suppliers selling to China's ZTE The U.S. Department of Commerce on Friday lifted a ban on U.S. companies selling goods to ZTE Corp, allowing China’s second-largest telecommunications equipment maker to resume business. -Reuters

VW takes on three Chinese partners to develop green cars German auto giant Volkswagen inks cooperation agreements with JAC Motor, FAW Group and Guoqi Intelligent Networking -Asia Times

Chinese battery maker invests US$282 mln in Germany CATL batteries will be supplied to BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler, Jaguar Land Rover, PSA and other car companies -Asia Times 

Hyundai Motor Co.'s labor union says steep auto tariffs could cost U.S. jobs -Asahi Shimbun

Japanese home-sharing market tangled up in red tape Key tourist spots like Kyoto have approved half or less of applicants so far -Nikkei

Nippon Life won’t invest in coal-fired power plant projects Nippon Life Insurance Co. plans to become the first leading Japanese financial institution to reject investments and loans into new coal-fired power generation projects at home and abroad, a company source said July 12. -Asahi Shimbun

Indian police arrest 25 in latest WhatsApp rumour-led lynching -Nikkei

What's left to resolve in Indonesia's $3.9 billion mine deal with Freeport? Freeport-McMoRan Inc agreed on Thursday to sell a majority stake in the world’s second-biggest copper mine to the Indonesian government via a series of complex deals worth $3.85 billion, potentially ending a long-running dispute on mining rights. -Reuters

Grab fined by the Philippines for imposing extra charges -Tech-in-Asia


Tokyo still world’s largest city but Delhi forecast to pass it in 10 years -The Japan Times

Shanghai-London stock connect to roll out this year Trading scheme expected to adopt the method of depository receipts to fully realize the interconnection of the market -Asia Times

Trade Policy Review: China The seventh review of the trade policies and practices of China takes place on 11 and 13 July 2018. The basis for the review is a report by the WTO Secretariat and a report by the Government of China. -WTO

Casualties mount on both sides of Pacific trade war US soybean farmers and Chinese Tesla dealerships among losers so far China could expand soybean imports from Brazil or Russia, but even those options would not be enough. At the end of the day, the Chinese will have to meet demand with U.S. soybeans with the tariffs in place, and pass the extra costs to consumers. -Nikkei Asian Review

Vietnam postpones plans to increase fuel tax -VNExpress

Settling the Caspian Issue and Realizing the Trans-Caspian Energy Corridor Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan’s aims to diversify their energy export markets got a boost recently. -The Diplomat