Will Donald Trump be Triumphant, Tetchy or Torpedo? -The Economist

Brussels readies new border enforcement plan With Germany’s internal crisis solved — for now — the EU seems to be getting back to Plan A: Border enforcement -Politico.eu

At NATO, abrasive Trump lashes Germany for being Russian 'captive' U.S. President Donald Trump accused Germany of being a “captive” of Russia on Wednesday as Western leaders gathered in Brussels for a NATO summit where Trump wants Europeans to pay up more for their own defense. -Reuters

Germans want Donald Trump to pull US troops out of Germany, poll finds -The Independent

42 per cent said they supported withdrawal while just 37 per cent wanted the soldiers to stay, with 21 per cent undecided. 

The End of Global Britain In the two years since the Brexit referendum, the United Kingdom's global influence has been significantly diminished. A country that once punched above its weight in international affairs now only punches down, and Brexiteers’ aspiration to lead the vast “Anglosphere” into a brave new world has become a comical delusion. -Project Syndicate

One day at a time: Brexit the Theresa May way To detractors, she is a “sphinx without a riddle.” To supporters she is resilient and determined. One thing is uncontested: as top ministers resign from her government and Brexit looms closer, Theresa May has one of the toughest jobs in Europe. -Politico.eu 

All About the U.S. Sanctions Aimed at Putin's Russia As U.S. President Donald Trump pursues his goal of improving relations with Russia, sanctions could be a stumbling block. Since 2014, the U.S. has imposed travel bans, asset freezes and finance and trade restrictions against hundreds of Russian individuals and companies, part of a multinational effort to punish President Vladimir Putin’s government for (allegedly) making trouble beyond its borders and online. -Bloomberg

NATO summit: Poland pins its hopes on the USA Poland is expected to use the Brussels meeting to urge a greater presence in Eastern Europe. Warsaw is also lobbying for what it regards to be a key guarantor for stability: A permanent US troop presence in the country. -DW

US must renew sanction enforcement on Syria’s Assad -The Hill

Ceasefires in South Sudan seldom last The latest such agreement is already falling apart -The Economist

Ethiopia, Eritrea sign statement declaring end of war Leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea signed a joint statement Monday declaring an end to the state of war after decades of diplomatic and armed strife -France24



European Parliament votes to block copyright reform Google, Facebook and other big firms argued the text would stifle creativity and content-sharing online. -Politico.eu

UK plans maximum fine for Facebook over data breach Britain's data regulator has said it will fine Facebook half a million pounds for failing to protect users' data. It also accused the social media giant of a lack of transparency about the harvesting of data by others. -DW

This Irish Bill Could Create Huge Problems for U.S. Companies Like Apple A bill expected to pass Ireland’s Senate on Wednesday would criminalize trade in products and services produced in Israeli settlements. -Fortune

Airbus: Chequers Brexit agreement is 'right direction' The UK government now appears to be moving in the right direction on Brexit and the EU should be "similarly pragmatic and fair", according to Airbus chief executive Tom Enders. -BBC

Airbus, Boeing Win $3.1 Billion Order From Singapore Air-Tata Venture -Bloomberg

SMALLER BATCH Trump’s trade war could mean bottoms up for small whiskey-makers Countries have retaliated to Trump tariffs with their own taxes on US goods, and small companies in particular are feeling the pinch -The Guardian

Nigeria's start-up scene is growing fast In the middle of Lagos young entrepreneurs develop business ideas and put together their first start-ups. But only a few will actually survive and flourish in this competitive world. -DW


Goals and growth: The economic impact of World Cup triumph But could triumph in Russia lead to an economic boost? We try to answer that question by looking at past tournaments. -France24 (video)

Oil and Gas Companies Will Lead the Energy Revolution The “supermajors” are already investing in a low-carbon future -Bloomberg