RIP, Post-World War II Global Order The Marshall Plan’s anniversary is time to reflect on what we’re losing. -Bloomberg

Does Europe Really Need Fiscal and Political Union? There is a growing sense in Europe, among conservatives and progressives alike, that fiscal and eventual political union is necessary to maintain the euro without damaging economic performance or democratic values. But there is also an alternative, much less ambitious view, according to which only banking union is needed. -Project Syndicate

New Italian PM is proud to be populist Giuseppe Conte says Europe is ‘our home’ as he sets out his agenda before parliament. -Politico.eu

U.S. pushes NATO to ready more forces to deter Russian threat -Reuters

Vienna calling Putin The Russian president is heading to Austria, where he’s sure to get a warm welcome. -Politico.eu

U.S. lawmakers seek to block Trump on tariffs Republican Senator Bob Corker, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, said legislation would be introduced on Tuesday or Wednesday that would pare back the president’s authority under Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962. -Reuters



Europe seeks U.S. sanction exemptions for its firms in Iran European signatories to a nuclear deal with Iran have written to top U.S. officials to stress their commitment to upholding the pact, which Washington has quit, and to urge the United States to spare EU firms active in Iran from secondary sanctions. -Reuters

Trump’s Shot Heard Round the Foot The imposition of steel tariffs on European producers was an unprovoked attack, to which the EU has vowed to retaliate. But instead of engaging in a costly strategy of escalation with their biggest trading partner, Europe’s leaders should swallow their pride and indulge its president's insistence on running the US economy into the ground. -Project Syndicate 

THE ANTI-MONOPOLISTS Google’s mobile web dominance raises competition eyebrows Media groups and software developers warn that the upcoming Android fine is already yesterday’s news. -Politico.eu

Uber jumps into European bicycle-sharing market -Reuters

Thailand's Minor plans 2.5 billion euro takeover bid for Spain's NH Hotels Thailand-based Minor International (MINT.BK) said on Tuesday it plans to launch a takeover bid for NH Hotels (NHH.MC) valuing the Spanish hotel group at up to 2.5 billion euros ($2.9 billion) after buying a stake from Chinese conglomerate HNA Group. -Reuters

G7 to uphold Russia sanctions: senior EU official -Reuters


Euro boosted but bonds and stocks cautious after hawkish ECB comments -Reuters

Juncker: The euro is EU’s future Juncker’s comments follow the recent political crisis in Rome that rocked financial markets. -Politico.eu

How Draghi lost Italy Did the head of the European Central Bank plant the seeds for his country’s collapse? -Politico.eu

Markets rattled by Italian and Spanish political turmoil - as it happened -The Guardian

Saudi Aramco restructures non-oil assets ahead of IPO: sources -Reuters