Nine EU states, including UK, sign off on joint military intervention force The plan, spearheaded by Emmanuel Macron, allows for British participation post Brexit. -Politico.eu

Brussels to Trump: We’re not backing down on trade US president insists EU will drop its retaliatory tariffs. Brussels has no plans to do so. -Politico.eu

Exclusive: North American, UK, Asian regulators press EU on data privacy exemption -Reuters

8-in-8 Recent Trends in European Law and Policy Alert Series Update on Brexit and International Trade -JD Supra

Germany divided: 5 snapshots of discontent in a wealthy country Germany is a very affluent country. The average German earns €3,771 ($4,400) a month and has a life expectancy of more than 80 years. So why is there so much quarreling? DW criss-crossed the nation in search of answers. -DW

Russia Wants to Sell Its Missiles to U.S. Allies Russia’s S-400 missile system has never been used in combat. Yet it’s already provoking fights around the world, as Russia searches for buyers in markets long dominated by American weapons makers. -Bloomberg

ERDOĞAN THE MAGNIFICENT With his reelection as president under a new constitution, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has become Turkey’s most powerful leader since the country began to hold contested elections in the years immediately following World War II. -Project Syndicate

The Saudi revolution begins How to ensure Muhammad bin Salman’s reforms succeed The crown prince’s boldness could transform the Arab world for the better. Failure would bring more chaos -The Economist

Syria war: Government forces launch assault on divided southern city Deraa -BBC



EU's tit-for-tat tariffs on US goods come into force The European Union slapped revenge tariffs on iconic US products including bourbon, jeans and motorcycles on Friday in its opening salvo in a trade war with President Donald Trump. -France24

For 'French Tech', Macron's global appeal a double-edged sword -Reuters

Uber wins back license to operate in London With the win in London, Uber is likely to push further into Europe, where it similarly has faced a number of regulatory setbacks. -Politico.eu

EU to investigate BASF's Solvay nylon deal The European Commission on Tuesday opened an in-depth investigation into the proposed purchase by Germany’s BASF (BASFn.DE) of Solvay’s nylon business, saying such a deal could reduce competition in the supply of the nylon production chain. -Reuters

Donald Trump: Harley-Davidsons should "never" be made abroad Last week, the EU imposed retaliatory tariffs on US goods, including bourbon, orange juice and motorcycles. Harley-Davidson says the increased costs are a "substantial" burden. -BBC

Kaspersky and Beyond: Understanding Russia’s Approach to Cyber-Enabled Economic Warfare -FDD


EU banking regulator: ‘Inadequate’ Brexit preparation risks financial instability The European Banking Authority said time is running out for financial institutions to prepare for a no-deal scenario. -Politico.eu

TRADE FINDS A WAY In Europe's east, a border town strains under China's Silk Road train boom When cargo trains from China began arriving at the Polish border town of Malaszewicze almost a decade ago, they were considered a novelty - able to ship laptops and cars to Europe in as little as two weeks, but extremely infrequent, with one service a month. -Reuters

Turkish economy facing major challenges For years on end, Turkey has been able to log astonishing growth rates. But economists are now sounding the alarm bells, saying that political uncertainties are not the only cause for concern in the coming months. -DW