Why Markets and Political Scientists Disagree on the G7 Contrary to the warnings of some political analysts, even after the recent debacle in Canada, the G7 can and will play a role – albeit a less important one – on the global stage. But that does not mean that the summit's failure was cost-free. -Project Syndicate

Merkel, Macron bridge differences on EU reform German and French leaders agree on joint plan for eurozone, migration and other issues ahead of crunch summit. -Politico.eu

Migration problems help populists prosper in Europe In many EU countries, right-wing populists are reaping the benefits of the unsolved migration problems. A European solution is becoming increasingly difficult, and countries are starting to go it alone. -DW

Angela Merkel has two weeks to keep Germany’s centre-right together The chancellor wins time to find a European solution to the immigration dispute rending her political alliance -The Economist

Commons set for Brexit vote showdown -BBC

Mr. Putin, Seize This Chance to Release Dissidents The World Cup is the perfect stage for Russia to show it respects human rights. -Bloomberg

Putin’s Economic Dilemma Despite Western sanctions and oil-price volatility, Russia is currently on sturdier economic footing than most of its critics ever could have imagined just a few years ago. But while prudent fiscal and monetary policies have laid the groundwork for long-term sustainable growth, the government must resist the temptation of short-term stimulus. -Project Syndicate

ELECTION WATCH On June 24, 2018, Turkey goes to the polls in critical presidential and parliamentary elections. The country’s Supreme Electoral Council has approved six candidates in the 2018 presidential race. If no candidate gets over 50 percent in the first round, the two leading presidential hopefuls face a runoff two weeks later. -France24



EU committee approves new rules that could 'destroy the internet as we know it' -The Independent

Article 11 introduces a "link tax", requiring that internet companies get permission from publishers to use a snippet of their work. On websites like Google and Twitter, for instance, a small part of the article is usually shown before someone clicks into it entirely – but, under the new rule, those technology companies would have get permission and perhaps even pay to use that excerpt.

Web Giants Gird for Legal Headaches Under New EU Copyright Rules -Bloomberg

The biggest problem for tech is a widening transatlantic rift Europe and the US sing from clashing hymn sheets on privacy, taxation and antitrust policy. -Politico.eu

EU looks into extending import controls on Chinese solar panels The European Commission is examining whether to extend measures to control imports of solar panels from China, a move that could fuel tensions with Beijing which had welcomed plans to phase them out in September. -Reuters

U.K. Companies Face Pre-Brexit Tax Bombshell From EU -Bloomberg

Ford and Volkswagen eye strategic partnership The two auto industry behemoths are exploring the possibility of jointly developing and building a range of commercial vehicles, and want to cooperate more closely on serving "the evolving needs of customers." -BBC

Bayer's remorse? Über-acquisition brings über-headaches as Monsanto trial opens German chemical giant Bayer’s $63 billion purchase of US firm Monsanto is the largest ever by a German of a non-German company. But Bayer also takes on Monsanto’s problems, which the trial of Lee Johnson highlights. -DW

Exclusive: Taiyo Nippon, Carlyle frontrunners to buy Linde and Praxair assets – Reuters

As Western lenders retreat, African banks see an opportunity Their pan-continental plans have not paid off. Yet -The Economist


Greece to get up to 15 billion euros after third bailout: German official -Reuters

OPEC Maths Reveals Gap Between Headlines and Real Barrels -Bloomberg

Saudi struggles for Gulf oil producers' support ahead of OPEC meeting Saudi Arabia is struggling to convince fellow OPEC members including Gulf allies on the need to raise oil output, sources familiar with the talks said on Wednesday, adding to complications ahead of an OPEC meeting this week. -Reuters