Let’s Dance the Machiavelli Some unsolicited advice for America’s Prince, Donald Trump: Ignore the whining “globalists.” So what if your policies cost jobs and batter America’s standing? Go with the Florentine maestro of hardball politics: it’s better to be feared than loved. -The American Interest

READ The Discourses -Niccolò Machiavelli

THE ROAD TO SINGAPORE Trump Says U.S.-North Korea Summit Set for June 12 in Singapore President Trump announced on Thursday that his meeting with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, will be held on June 12 in Singapore. -NYT

Trump thanks Kim Jong Un as he welcomes home detainees from North Korea The president also jokes that the event 'probably broke the all time in history television rating for three o’clock in the morning.' -Politico

Scrapping the Iran deal won’t do anyone any good -The Economist

The Double Standard of America’s China Trade Policy Many liberal commentators in the US think that Donald Trump is right to confront China over its trade tactics, and object only to his methods. Yet Trump’s trade agenda is driven by a narrow mercantilism that privileges the interests of US corporations above those of all others. -Project Syndicate

How do you define “safe driving” in terms a machine can understand? Writing the robotic rules of the road -The Economist

The FAA will have ‘zero tolerance’ for anything less safe than current standards when it comes to regulating flying cars And there were zero fatalities in commercial airline crashes in 2017. -Recode

Ryan says May 17 is deadline to assure 2018 NAFTA vote House Speaker Paul Ryan said the Trump administration has until May 17 — a week from Thursday — to submit a final NAFTA deal if it wants lawmakers to vote on the revised agreement this year. -Politico

Mexico says time running out for quick NAFTA deal, Canada upbeat Mexico on Thursday indicated time was running out to see whether NAFTA nations could agree a new deal in the short term while Canada struck a upbeat tone, saying top-level talks this week had achieved a great deal. -Reuters




Congress just published all the Russian Facebook ads used to try and influence the 2016 election These are the ads at the center of Russia’s election interference campaign. -Recode

#CORRECT Care About Internet Privacy? Then Prove It The issue isn't about Facebook or Twitter. It's about web users' personal responsibility. -Bloomberg

Why the Internet is suddenly protesting on net neutrality all over again -The Washington Post

U.S. 'net neutrality' rules will expire on June 11: FCC -Reuters

Trump’s Trade Moves Put U.S. Carmakers in a Jam at Home and Abroad The auto industry is among the sectors most vulnerable to trade disruptions because its business model is increasingly global, in terms of both production and sales. One in five cars made in the United States is now exported, and one in four vehicles sold in America were produced in factories run by foreign-owned companies. General Motors sold nearly 1 million vehicles in China in the first quarter of the year — more than it sold in North America in the same period. -NYT

Apple Leaves Overseas Cash Out of Its Latest Quarterly Report -Bloomberg

U.S. trade panel finds U.S. producers hurt by Chinese steel wheel imports -Reuters

THE REGULATOR AND ITS MARKET China’s ZTE telecom firm suspends major operations after U.S. export ban -The Washington Post

Sanctioned Russian tycoon hands back his private jets -Reuters

FCC slaps robocaller with record $120M fine, but it’s like ’emptying the ocean with a teaspoon’ -Tech Crunch


Mapping the U.S.-Canada Energy Relationship -CSIS

Trump Has Options If Oil Market Panics About Iran The administration has a few safety valves. -Bloomberg

Goldman Sees Oil Exports Giving U.S. Leverage in Iran Sanctions -Bloomberg

Brazil soy boom spells bumper year for agricultural equipment Agricultural equipment makers in Brazil are banking on strong sales this year, boosted by a second straight bumper soy crop and rising grain prices, which will more than offset weakness in the sugar cane sector, they said at a major trade show. -Reuters

Initial Coin Scams There are now nearly 1,600 cryptocurrencies, and the number continues to rise. It is time to start recognizing their issuers' utopian rhetoric for what it is: self-serving nonsense meant to separate credulous investors from their hard-earned savings. -Project Syndicate