A new class struggle: Chinese party members get back to Communist Manifesto basics A spectre is haunting party members who only pay lip service to communist ideology as Xi Jinping orders extra Marxist study sessions -SCMP

Modi and Xi agree to boost communication between their militaries New Delhi and Beijing look for 'stable relations amid global uncertainties' -Nikkei Asian Review

The China - India - Nepal Triangle Will India agree to cooperate with China in Nepal’s development? -The Diplomat

Sino-US Trade: The Battle for the Future UBS’ Paul Donovan explains how Asia’s trade model is beginning to lose sway. -The Diplomat

“Trade in the future is likely to be closer to the imperial trade model of 50 years ago than to the trade model of the past 25 years. Trade in commodities will continue. Trade in intellectual property will continue, and expand. Trade in goods is likely to be a lot less common.”

Abe departs on five-nation Mideast tour to focus on energy, regional peace -The Japan Times

Denuclearization of Korean Peninsula faces many hurdles -The Japan Times

The South China Sea and ASEAN's 32nd Summit Meeting Will Cambodia once again undermine ASEAN’s position on the South China Sea? -The Diplomat

RAZAK ON TRUMP + CHINA Malaysia’s P.M. Says China Won't Match U.S. as Military Power Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak says China is close to becoming the dominant economic power in Asia, but will never displace the U.S. militarily. -Bloomberg



OH WHAT A TANGLED WEB WE’VE WEAVED US-China trade war threatens Asian supply chains Rising protectionism endangers region's global manufacturing role -Nikkei Asian Review

US tech ban on ZTE has exposed China’s Achilles’ heel China’s reliance on key technologies from the West shows it still needs the developed economies much more than they need China -SCMP

Growing privacy fears in China after cadres punished over ‘deleted’ WeChat messages Tencent denies the app stores users’ chat histories after municipal party graft-buster said it retrieved a suspect’s deleted conversations -SCMP

Media regulation in China: Those who grow big get shot -Tech-in-Asia

Abe walks a tightrope on Japan’s foreign worker policy -The Japan Times

Taiwan's MediaTek suspends supplies to ZTE after US ban World's No. 2 mobile chip provider complies with Taipei's regulation -Nikkei Asian Review

Beef grief as Indonesia fails at self-sufficiency Government quest to meet all local beef demand with domestic cattle stocks has stalled as cheaper buffalo meat imports surge -The Asia Times 

REGULATORY RISK = DOMESTIC OBLIGATIONS Coffee producers enjoy only 10% of consumption value, says Darmin -Jakarta Post

 “While we can only export dried coffee beans, those in developed countries turn them into [expensive] ground coffee,”

Five Years After Factory Collapse in Bangladesh, Safety Programs Are Expiring A human rights center says more needs to be done to protect the women who sew name-brand clothing. -Bloomberg


Global IPOs slow in January-March as India overtakes China Falling markets, tighter rules and more fundraising options blamed for decline -Nikkei Asian Review

TOO LITTLE TOO LATE? China eases restrictions on foreign ownership of securities ventures China’s securities regulator has released new guidelines for foreign investment in Chinese security joint ventures in which it eased some restrictions and launched an application process for more foreign ownership. -Reuters 

CLAWING BACK Overseas investors can expect closer supervision Firms who park more than US$300 million via outbound projects or invest in sensitive countries will be the focus of heightened scrutiny -The Asia Times

Chinese leasing firms a new force in global shipping In hopes of fair winds, Chinese-funded institutions have provided one-fourth of the financing for the global shipping capital market -The Asia Times 

In nod to Trump trade pressure, Japanese ship takes ‘first of many’ U.S. gas loads Although Asian nations are signing multiple long-term contracts with U.S. LNG exporters, there is uncertainty over how much they would actually import themselves rather than sell to the global market’s highest bidder. The latter case wouldn’t help reduce deficits with the U.S., so confirmation that LNG Sakura’s load is a Japanese import comes as a good sign of cooperation to avoid a pending trade war. -The Japan Times