CHINA’S WESTERN QUESTION Chinese President Xi Jinping will hold an informal meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on April 27-28 in central China's Wuhan -The Straits Times

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Hong Kong judges’ ‘different understanding’ of Basic Law is behind ‘great disparity’ in court cases But city’s top lawyers counter remarks by legal head of central government liaison office reflect ‘unfamiliarity’ with local system -SCMP

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Thai junta deftly rebalances its US-China relations Warming trend under Trump allows military regime to reset its diplomacy and hedge recent rising reliance on Beijing -Asia Times



China’s self-driving vehicles on track to take global leadership position, ahead of US Trial operations of autonomous buses and cars in Shanghai and Beijing highlight desire to steer automotive-tech revolution -SCMP

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China's ZTE seeks resolution of U.S. export ban China’s ZTE (0763.HK) (000063.SZ) is seeking a resolution to a U.S. ban on selling it parts and software that it has said threatens its survival. -Reuters

U.S. questions COSCO's takeover of California cargo terminal A U.S. national security review has raised concerns about a takeover by China’s COSCO Shipping Holdings Co (601919.SS) of a large container terminal in Long Beach, California, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday. -Reuters

Hong Kong taxi drivers stage protest over illegal ride-hailing services in wake of fatal Uber crash -SCMP

Spotify is about to launch in India. It’s in for one hell of a fight. -Tech-in-Asia

PODCAST/BOOK OF THE WEEK Episode 245: Intelligent Island with Ramakrishna Purushotaman Ramakrishna Purushotaman, chronicled the history of information technology development & how it spurred the economy of Singapore from early government efforts. -Analyse Asia

Where Countries Are Tinderboxes and Facebook Is a Match False rumors set Buddhist against Muslim in Sri Lanka, the most recent in a global spate of violence fanned by social media. -NYT

Indonesia considers joining TPP-11 -The Jakarta Post

Corporate funds will shake up Indonesian VC model Injecting capital into a nascent market is no longer enough to succeed -Nikkei


Central Banks Fret Trade War More Deflationary Than Inflationary -Bloomberg View

China's Haven Moment Is Here Foreigners are looking for any excuse to make the shift. The response from overseas investors was telling. Foreigners snapped up 7.2 billion yuan of mainland shares through the two stock connects in Hong Kong, the most since October. Basically, they're looking for any excuse to make the geographical shift into the world's second-biggest economy. -Bloomberg Gadfly

India’s A.T.M.s Are Running Out of Cash. Again. For the second time in 18 months, India has a shortage of cash. And like last time, economists say, it’s primarily the government’s fault. -NYT

Cryptocurrencies need regulation-lite Asia should lead with rules that hit market abuses but allow innovation -Nikkei