Trump blasted at home and abroad for plan to impose steel, aluminum tariffs Some of the harshest initial reactions came from members of Trump's own party, who have traditionally championed free trade. -Politico

25% Steel

10% Aluminum

Why Trump’s trade war could reveal the true counterpuncher-in-chief China could inflict real economic damage on the United States if it wanted to, and the increasingly powerful Xi could do it basically at the drop of a hat. If he did, how would Trump react? It’s an answer that basically nobody knows the answer to, but it’s one we’ve wondered about for a long time. And it could have a much broader application than just on U.S. trade policy. -The Washington Post

U.S. holds 'frank' talks on trade with Chinese envoy -Reuters

The Easy Way to Avoid Copyright Infringement: Pay If we're going to have the law, sometimes innovative companies will get pinched. -Bloomberg View 

White House: Trump wants overhaul of FISA for getting surveillance warrants -Politico

U.S. ambassador to Mexico stepping down The Mexican news organization Reforma has reported that the White House may nominate Ed Whitacre, the former CEO of General Motors and AT&T, to replace Roberta Jacobson. -Politico

NAFTA talks go into their seventh round. Canada isn’t optimistic. -The Washington Post



Bud Beer, Kisses, Apple Macs Caught Up in Aluminum Tariff Plan -Bloomberg

10K Wells Fargo reviews wealth business for possible customer abuse The third-largest U.S. bank’s board of directors is looking at whether customers in its smallest business to 401(k) plans, certain alternative investments and brokerage operations, according to its annual 10-K U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing. -Reuters

US companies taking stands, facing retribution over guns -Miami Herald

YouTube's New Moderators Mistakenly Pull Right-Wing Channels YouTube’s new moderators, brought in to spot fake, misleading and extreme videos, stumbled in one of their first major tests, mistakenly removing some clips and channels in the midst of a nationwide debate on gun control. -Bloomberg

Bunge's coveted Argentina plants lure ADM takeover approach -Reuters


Global stocks tumble as Trump sparks global trade war fears -Reuters

U.S. monthly inflation picks up; jobless claims at 48-year low The combination of rising inflation and a robust labor market could force the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates a bit more aggressively this year than currently anticipated as it worries about the economy overheating. The U.S. central bank has forecast three rate hikes in 2018. The first rate increase is expected later this month. -Reuters

The SEC's Uneven Cryptocurrency Crackdown ICOs need tougher scrutiny, but so do Reg A+ stock offerings. -BloombergView 

ARBITRAGE Tech Mogul Gets $12 Billion Richer Just by Leaving New York for China Still, China’s richer tech valuations may have been a draw, said Sun Mengqi, an analyst at BOCOM International Holdings Co. “There could be a substantial valuation gap between the U.S. and China.” -Bloomberg

The Venezuelan oil industry is on a cliff’s edge. Trump could tip it over. The Trump administration is threatening to embargo Venezuelan oil, a potentially ruinous blow to the Saudi Arabia of South America. But here in the home of the world’s largest crude reserves, Venezuela is killing its largest industry all on its own. -The Washington Post