A Year in Review The Trump Presidency, Year One Five takeaways from the first year of the Trump presidency. -The American Interest

The Trouble With Kissinger's North Korea Advice Kissinger is moving the goal posts on where the final red line is on North Korean behavior -The Diplomat

“Yet, frustrated as he is with a futile and counterproductive negotiating process, he ends up recommending the same policies followed by four successive presidents until the Trump administration, often based on Kissinger’s own advice at the time.”

IN LATIN AMERICA ON CHINA Tillerson characterized Chinese investment in the region as a bad deal, with any agreement likely to benefit only Beijing. -Bloomberg

“Our region must be diligent to guard against faraway powers who do not reflect the fundamental values shared in the region,” Tillerson said.

Amid low morale, highest-ranked career official at State to step down -Politico

Trump wants his immigration framework debated in Senate -The Washington Post

House Financial Services Committee Advances 15 Bills The US House Financial Services Committee announced that it had advanced 15 bills, many of which would alter the regulatory framework for financial institutions. -JD Supra

Key Republican Pushes Higher Gas Tax for Infrastructure -Bloomberg

Trains Will Work. In Some Places. The politics of using "land value capture" to finance public works will vary depending on developers' power. -Bloomberg View

READ E. H. Harriman, a Biography by Kennan, George

THINK TANK WATCH February 21, 2018 - 9:00 am - Neither Free nor Fair: What to do about Venezuela's presidential elections? -The Atlantic Center

Bolivia Tells President His Time Is Up. He Isn’t Listening. -NYT



The Apple Tax Giveaway One of the biggest beneficiaries of the Trump tax cuts is in Cupertino -The American Interest

MAKE EXPROPRIATION GREAT AGAIN Should Trump Nationalize a 5G Network? According to leaked documents, there is a proposal going around the White House to build a federally owned 5G telecommunications system — the next version of a mobile broadband network — or perhaps even to nationalize the 5G networks that private telecom companies are now building. -NYT

Protecting your business from cyber threats -Tech Crunch

JIMMY HOFFA (BACK) BEHIND THE WHEEL Union heavyweight wants to ban UPS from using drones or driverless vehicles -CNBC

Huge … lobbying push coming against autonomous vehicles

California DMV disengagement report reveals self-driving improvements This year, the report reveals some interesting details about the progress of some of those companies, including Waymo, GM’s Cruise and Tesla (sort of – you’ll see what I mean). -Tech Crunch

INTO THE WEEDS HERE Autonomous Vehicle Disengagement Reports 2017

Zinke's agency held up Indians’ casino after MGM lobbying Two tribes in Connecticut say the Interior Department illegally failed to say yes or no to their plans for a third casino in the state. -Politico

Japan's Fujifilm to take over Xerox in $6.1 billion deal, create JV -Reuters

The Energy Solution Latin America Needs Demand for electricity is increasing rapidly in Latin America: Growing middle classes are buying appliances, while many countries are embracing energy-intensive industries. Electricity consumption is projected to rise more than 70 percent by 2030. -NYT


Fed outlines yearly 'stress test' standards for Wall Street -Reuters

HAPPY PLANTS GROW TOGETHER Trump Still Dreams of a 1950s-Era Economy His tax cuts and pure willpower can't bring back manufacturing jobs. -Bloomberg View

ConocoPhillips Walks the Tightrope of Fear and Greed Higher oil prices give it a lift but don't change its cautious approach. -Bloomberg Gadfly

Argentina airport operator's New York IPO fizzles -Reuters