ABIDING IDEOLOGY China’s next ideological front Beijing is tightening the screws on internal political dissent, and Americans are growing more uneasy about the nature of Chinese influence abroad. Ideology once again defines the terms of the U.S.-China relationship. -Reuters

China angered as Indian PM visits disputed border region -Reuters

ARTICLE 9: TOKYO DISPATCHなぜ9条の政府解釈はモヤモヤしているのかいよいよ改憲国会が始まった

How Did Japan Lose Its Air Superiority Advantage? Once one of the world’s most capable air forces, Japan now finds itself outmatched in air-to-air combat capabilities. -The Diplomat

In Japan, a Liberal Maverick Is Seeking to Lead a Conservative Party But a new generation of politicians is already positioning itself to succeed him [Abe]. Mr. Kono, 55, is one of the most intriguing, bringing a maverick streak to Japan’s usually stodgy political world. -NYT

The face of immigration is rapidly changing in Japan -The Japan Times

US-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference to be held in Taiwan for first time More than a dozen military manufacturers will participate in the US-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference -Taiwan News

China’s South China Sea islands won’t stop lawful patrols, US Navy says American forces will continue to operate in waterway ‘as long as international law allows’ -SCMP




China's State-Backed Start-up Push Can the government create a true start-up ecosystem, or are its efforts only creating a bubble? -The Diplomat

China’s tech push likely to increase trade and security tensions with US and Europe, report reveals State-backed technology drive likely to prompt US, Europe to upgrade national security reviews of Chinese investment -SCMP

The US and China Can Avoid a Technological Standoff -TheNewsLens

OPPORTUNITY China's Tourists Go Global, Smartphones in Hand Chinese are traveling overseas as never before. That's a major opportunity. -BloombergView

S.E.C. Blocks Chinese Takeover of Chicago Stock Exchange A federal securities regulator on Thursday struck down the proposed $20 million acquisition of a Chicago-based trading hub, the Chicago Stock Exchange, by a Chinese-owned company. -NYT

REWARD + RISK Luxury automakers rely heavily on Chinese buyers Market responsible for nearly 90% of global sales growth in 2017 -Nikkei 

China Warns It May Retaliate If U.S. Imposes Metal Tariffs -Bloomberg

“If the final decision impacts China’s interests, China will certainly take necessary measures to protect its own rights”

Chinese police snatch a Swedish publisher and parade him on TV Gui Minhai’s fate is being closely observed by critics of China in Hong Kong -The Economist

FBI chief says Chinese operatives have infiltrated scores of ‘naive’ US universities Christopher Wray says his agents are ‘watching warily’ dozens of Chinese-language Confucius Institutes -SCMP

Cities, prefectures rush to localize ordinances for Airbnb-type lodging before minpaku law takes effect. Ahead of the introduction of a law to regulate minpaku (private lodging services) in June, dozens of governments nationwide have begun drawing up their own rules under the new law. -The Japan Times

Reports that Uber plans to sell Southeast Asian business to Grab 'speculation' -The Strait Times

Uber could be profitable if it wants to, says CEO He said that it’s Uber’s commitment to “developing” markets that are dragging things down, but he views that as an “optional investment.” However it’s the “right thing to do,” he said, claiming that the company won’t stop investing in Asia anytime soon. -Tech Crunch

Vietnam Pulls Request for U.S. Help to Build a Coal-Fired Power Plant -NYT


$$$ TOKYO BOUND Japan's cheap money addiction set to deepen under Kuroda's second term The BOJ's path to normalization will become harder as dependence grows -Nikkei

China's HNA pares back big stake in Deutsche Bank -Reuters