White House adviser Navarro to Wall Street: Stay out of U.S.-China trade talks White House adviser Peter Navarro on Friday lashed out at efforts by current and former Wall Street executives to urge the United States and China to end their trade dispute, calling them “unregistered foreign agents” who were trying to pressure President Donald Trump into a deal. -Reuters

Google in China: When ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Met the Great Firewall CEO Sundar Pichai thinks the search engine should be willing to work with Chinese censors. Will employees go along with the plan? -Bloomberg

FAKE NEWS; GOES VIRTUAL China unveils ‘world first’ AI news anchors -The Japan Times

“The AI Synthetic Anchor has officially become part of the Xinhua reporting team. He will work together with other anchors to bring you authoritative, timely and accurate news and information in Chinese and English”

The ‘data gap’ between the U.S. and China It is estimated that Chinese internet companies already have access to 10 to 15 times more data than their American counterparts. Day by day, hour by hour, Alibaba and Tencent update, accumulate, hone and use the data of 1 billion people. This data can also be controlled, disaggregated, expanded and mined. The Chinese Communist Party and government use these companies to further their own efforts at social surveillance, political control and defense of party dictatorship. -The Japan Times

AmEx wins China approval to clear card payments American Express Co (AXP.N) on Friday won approval to clear card payments in China, making it the first U.S. card network to gain direct access to what is set to be the biggest bank card market by 2020. -Reuters

In brief: Uber launches new taxi-hailing app in Japan Uber said it would launch a taxi-hailing app for taxis operating in Nagoya, as the US firm tries to expand its foothold in a country where it has been blocked from offering its own ride-sharing service. -Tech-in-Asia

Marriott hotel tie-up set to lure foreign visitors to rural Japan Alliance with Sekisui targets surge of tourists venturing off the beaten path -Nikkei

Crumbling and empty plants led Japan Inc. astray Scandals shine spotlight on labor crunch and limits of 'kaizen' Japanese manufacturers have positioned domestic plants as "mother factories" where they kaizen, or perfect, efficiency. They then transfer that know-how to offshore facilities. But establishing cutting-edge plants in emerging nations, where labor costs are cheaper, ended up hurting competitive advantage on the domestic front. With Japanese plants compared unfavorably to sister installations overseas, the fear that domestic production will shrivel up has started to take root on the factory floor. -Nikkei

Goldman Sachs’s Ex-CEO Lloyd Blankfein Met Malaysian at Center of 1MDB Scandal Second of two meetings came after bank’s compliance department had raised concerns about dealings with financier Jho Low -Wall Street Journal Asia (subscription)


The Global Impact of a Chinese Recession Most economic forecasts suggest that a recession in China will hurt everyone, but that the pain would be more regionally confined than would be the case for a deep recession in the United States. Unfortunately, that may be wishful thinking. -Project Syndicate

SOFT POWER; NO MORE Beijing seeks to block outsiders from drilling in South China Sea ASEAN resists call for ban seen as attempt to curb America's reach China inserted language on the oil exploration ban into a working document proposal this August, according to people close to the negotiations. Officials from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations side have called for the language's removal, saying it conflicts with international maritime law. -Nikkei

U.S. presses China to halt militarization of South China Sea -Reuters

PORK-BELLY BONDS Company in China pays its bond holders in ham instead of cash -The Straits Times

Is Shinzo Abe offering Japan’s Samurai bonds as a foil against China’s debt diplomacy? -SCMP

  • Japan’s prime minister is offering 200 billion yen (US$1.75 billion) in aid to help wean Malaysia off its financial dependence on China’s loans

  • Money is fungible, and governments borrowing money in global bond markets are free to direct those funds to projects

Chiyoda seeks lifeline as US plant project spawns steep loss Japanese builder in rescue talks with top shareholder Mitsubishi -Nikkei

Hong Kong, mainland China stocks tumble after Fed meeting prompts capital outflow worries -SCMP

Govt to ratify seven trade agreements without House approval The government has decided to ratify seven international trade agreements (PPI) without the approval of the House of Representatives, the senior economy minister said in Jakarta on Wednesday, following a coordination meeting. -The Jakarta Post

VN’s GDP growth remains strongest in ASEAN: Moody’s -VietNamNews