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TAXES Apple’s Tim Cook heads to Brussels to talk privacy amid ongoing tax fight Apple’s CEO champions strong privacy protections in Europe charm tour, but questions about its taxes hang heavy over California giant. -Politico

Macron gives EU tech tax a political push Paris steps up campaign to get digital giants to pay more. Six months after the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal prompted outrage across the European Union, the French president’s finance minister pressed EU party leaders Tuesday to act on concerns about technology companies’ tax practices and perceived market dominance. The French government’s hope is that those leaders will put pressure on heads of government back home. -Politico

DATA PRIVACY Apple boss takes aim at 'weaponization' of customer data Cook said Apple fully backed a federal privacy law in the United States, something Europe has already introduced via its General Data Protection Regulation. -Reuters

“Today that trade has exploded into a data industrial complex. Our own information, from the everyday to the deeply personal, is being weaponized against us with military efficiency”

Germany warns citizens against online criticism of Erdogan in Turkey Germany has warned citizens visiting Turkey to be extra cautious about their social media feeds in response to a spate of cases of Germans arrested for online criticism of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s government.

Siemens, Alstom to face EU antitrust warning about rail merger -Reuters

Uber to raise London fares to encourage drivers to buy electric cars Taxi firm expects clean air charge to raise £200m for zero-emissions vehicles -The Independent

TRADE COMPLIANCE SOLICITORS UNITE 'will pay the price' of no-deal Brexit The NAO said that under a "no deal" up to 250,000 firms may need to fill out customs declarations forms for the first time as Britain moved onto World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules. -BBC

US trumps Russian gas as Poland eyes Gazprom exit Poland is replacing its Russian gas with imports from the US and Norway. The move could help cement US military security promises, but what price is Warsaw willing to pay as Berlin goes ahead with its Russian gas plans? -DW

SANCTIONS WATCH Sinopec, CNPC to skip Iran oil bookings for November as U.S. sanctions near Sinopec Group and China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC), the country’s top state-owned refiners, have not made any nominations to load Iranian oil for November because of concerns they would be violating U.S. sanctions, said two persons with direct knowledge of the matter. -Reuters

US imposes Saudi sanctions over Khashoggi murder The US State Department is to revoke visas or make them unobtainable for 21 Saudis following the killing of Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey. President Donald Trump said the Saudis staged the "worst cover-up ever." -DW


Brussels slams Italy’s budget, sends it back for rework The ‘ball is in the court of Italy’s government.’ -Politico

Trade Woes Set Up Euro Economy for Disappointing Year-End Euro-area growth slowed to the weakest in more than two years at the start of the fourth quarter as manufacturers suffered from mounting concerns over global trade. -Bloomberg

European shares march towards 2-year lows as earnings, politics weigh -Reuters

The Pound Is Being Held Hostage by Politics Again The pound fell to a six-week low as traders grappled with the threat of a no-deal Brexit and the continuing risk of a challenge to U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May’s leadership. -Bloomberg

Thousands protest German coal phase-out Some 20,000 miners marched through Bergheim demanding protection for their jobs as the coal commission met to draw up a plan to phase out coal-fired power generation. Environmentalists were also there to make a point. -Reuters

BP given approval to start drilling for oil in North Sea Environmental groups condemn “government's” 'reckless' decision following UN warning on climate change -The Independent