At Davos, the Real Star May Have Been China, Not Trump it was clear in Davos, Switzerland, this past week that geopolitical momentum lay with Beijing, not Washington. -NYT

WATCH MIRROR IMAGING What Austria's Emperor Franz Joseph Can Teach Trump About War With North Korea Franz Joseph saw an opportunity through war to ‘Make Austria-Hungary great again’. Instead he plunged the world into global conflict. -The Diplomat

Attacking North Korea Is Unthinkable. Or Is It? If radical concessions like pulling troops off the peninsula won't work, the U.S. will have to take out Kim's nukes and artillery from the air. -Bloomberg View

China has India surrounded in their new Great Game Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan -- Beijing is pulling South Asia into its orbit -Nikkei

Hong Kong Bars Democracy Advocate From Running for Legislature -NYT

Japan’s top envoy Taro Kono breaks the ice, but China sees ties as ‘still cool’ Two sides agree to resume reciprocal visits by leaders, continue to work together on North Korea, and hold trilateral summit with South Korea -SCMP

DPP needs to earn a second term One year and eight months after Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) became president and two years after the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) won a resounding majority of seats in the Legislative Yuan for the first time, the party appears to be coping fairly well with the stressors of power and has, as yet, not befallen a major scandal of governance which might fatally undermine the public’s perception of its competence in government or its electability. -Taipei Times

A challenging year for Singapore foreign policy -The Straits Times

THE IMPORTANCE OF INDONESIA Former furniture maker now Indonesia's hands-on president A passion for heavy metal music made Joko Widodo world's first 'Metalhead of State' -Nikkei




A Post-Engagement US-China Relationship? -Rodium Group

IF I KNEW THEN WHAT I KNOW NOW @oxbowadvisory @caracalglobal memorandum on US-China commercial relations published 2 years ago on the need for corporations to engage in

New Thinking on US-China: 10 Things To Do Within the Next 36 Months

SUGGESTED LISTENING If I Knew Then (What I Know Now) -- Sarah Vaughan (YouTube)

Will Alibaba Be the First Chinese Company Punished by Trump? Trump reveals that a very big fine will come out soon over Chinese intellectual property theft. -The Diplomat

PODCAST OF THE WEEK Art Dicker: Understanding Chinese outbound investment (January 18th, 2018) Trends in Chinese outbound M&A, the reasons behind these trends, new Chinese policies regarding outbound investment, and the impact of the Trump administration on Chinese investment into the U.S. -AmCham Shanghai

HNA ditches vanity purchases for Silk Road commodity deals to vie for Beijing’s support By shifting to target commodity and logistics assets in ‘Belt and Road’ nations, HNA says it can benefit from government policies -SCMP

China leans on Alibaba and Tencent to digitize public services -Tech in Asia

Weibo falls foul of China’s internet watchdog for failing to censor content Social media platform told to shut down popular services for a week -SCMP

Coincheck to Repay Users Who Lost Money in $400 Million Hack -Bloomberg

Japanese papermakers fear effects of China resuming cardboard imports Companies concerned that surging demand will increase their materials costs -Nikkei

ASEAN businesses boost investment in own backyards Homegrown companies emerge as big FDI players -Nikkei

Vietnam Wants Foreign Money to Overhaul Its Economy -Bloomberg

Vietnam jails former politburo official for 13 years in graft crackdown -Reuters


Here’s how to beat fake data about the Chinese economy The scale of falsification by local bureaucrats has become a major international embarrassment to China – it’s time to send in the graft-busters -SCMP

China's Hebei province to cut coal use by 5 million tonnes this year: Xinhua -Reuters

BOJ Gov. Haruhiko Kuroda didn’t revise price outlook in Davos remark, central bank says -The Japan Times