Rising nationalism and the EU's split with the East What's wrong with the EU? Poland and Hungary, who only joined the bloc 13 years ago, are increasingly turning to nationalism. DW examines a phenomenon that has been smoldering for some time. -DW

EU's Juncker: Don't believe Brexit won't happen -BBC

"Don't believe those who say that it's not going to happen and that people in the UK have realised their error... I don't think that's going to be the case,"

'A sense of international responsibility' drives Germany's coalition talks -France24

THE RELUCTANT RE-POWER Time for Germany to Learn to Lead Washington's move to abandon its global leadership role marks the end of Germany's foreign policy innocence. Berlin will soon be faced with difficult choices that could dent its moral standing. -Der Spiegel

Theresa May’s reshuffle that wasn’t British prime minister manages to turn exercise of power into a showcase of weakness -Politico Europe

Behind the Scenes of Russia's Imitated Democracy Opposition leader Alexei Navalny was recently excluded from running against Vladimir Putin in the presidential election scheduled this March in Russia. The reason is clear: A real politician is unwelcome against the backdrop of the country's imitated democracy. -Der Spiegel

The Best Hope for the Iranian People Iran’s leadership will be extremely reluctant to withdraw from the forward positions the country has gained across the Middle East. Amid the current protests, however, the West has a golden opportunity to push Iran to suspend its regional ambitions and focus on domestic economic conditions. -Project Syndicate




DAVOS MAN; TRUMPED Trump surprises with Davos decision -BBC

Europe keeps up the pressure on social media over illegal content takedowns The European Union’s executive body is continuing to pressure social media firms to get better at removing illegal content from their platforms before it has a chance to spread further online. -Tech Crunch

Uber is officially a cab firm, says European court Uber is officially a transport company and not a digital service, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled. -BBC  

EU regulator delays trading caps in new MiFID setback -Reuters

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek calls on Europe to move faster on tech EU lawmakers should move with the speed of tech innovation and keep up its antitrust action. -Politico.eu

Apple faces probe by Paris prosecutors over 'planned obsolescence' of devices -France24

HORSE France's Emmanuel Macron secures strategic access to Chinese markets From high-end wine to the new "Silk Road," France and China have agreed to enhance economic relations. For Beijing, that meant providing French companies better access to Chinese markets. -DW

TRADE Airbus to increase aircraft production in China -BBC

Concerns raised over new ethics regime for UK public sector data processing But if complex and impactful ethical judgments about how to process sensitive public sector data are to be nakedly conjoined to political interests that would indeed be a major cause for alarm. -Tech Crunch

Israel's anti-trust regulator to look at internet giants -Reuters


European shares at fresh highs on earning optimism, dealmaking -Reuters

German exports boosted by eurozone upswing German shipments abroad have picked up considerably, fresh figures from the National Statistics Office have shown. Companies profited from an uptick in economic activity in the eurozone and elsewhere. -DW

UK manufacturing output at its highest for 10 years UK manufacturing output is expanding at its fastest rate since early 2008 after recording a seventh consecutive month of growth in November. -BBC