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Trump’s zigzagging approach to North Korea veers toward military options -The Washington Post

Central Bankers’ Shifting Goalposts But central banks were made independent precisely because it was understood that they would be held accountable for achieving their own objective of maintaining price stability, regardless of the economy’s underlying growth rate. So why is it that central bankers would rather look at external issues than focus on their own area of responsibility? -Project Syndicate

The answer, it seems, is that they cannot quite explain their current approach.


SO, I WAS TELLING THE EMIR, EMIR >> Trump offers to personally mediate dispute between Qatar, other Arab countries -Politico

“While I do appreciate and respect the mediation, I would be willing to be the mediator,” Trump told reporters at a joint news conference alongside the emir of Kuwait.

Tillerson and Trump: On Morality Versus Realism Yet, busy as they are making short-term points against the president, the presumed keepers of the American conscience have missed the larger iterative interweaving of moral and strategic considerations between Trump and his secretary of state.  They have both affirmed America’s leadership role in the world while suggesting some new calibration. -Real Clear Defense

Washington begins to sour on Aung San Suu Kyi amid mounting ethnic violence in Burma -The Washington Post

U.S. appeals court rejects Trump's bid to bar most refugees -Reuters

Trump’s Looming Trade Crack-Up His fight with Seoul would leave the U.S. a loser. Congress needs to assert its authority to stop him. -WSJ (subscription)

How Trump Could Rebuild America In the United States today, with partisan polarization at record levels, there is still at least one policy goal on which there is broad consensus, not only among Republicans and Democrats, but also among business and labor leaders, states and cities, and ordinary citizens: infrastructure. -Project Syndicate

Free Trade With Korea Is Great for the U.S. If Trump likes good deals, he should stick with this one. And both rightly argue that South Korea is a key U.S. ally, and that walling off trade from key allies is a bad geopolitical move. -Bloomberg View  


Mexico Expels North Korean Ambassador Over Nuclear Tests -NYT

Bloc Party Blues: Why Brazil Might Leave BRICS The BRICS meeting occurs at a time of increased challenges for Brazil, and it is debatable how much the country can continue to contribute to the bloc. -The National Interest




Trump Shifts Labor Policy Focus From Worker to Entrepreneur -NYT

Two-thirds of Americans are now getting news from social media More Americans than ever are getting news from social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and even Snapchat. -recode

More than two-thirds of American adults — 67 percent, to be exact — “get at least some of their news on social media,” according to new data released Thursday by Pew Research Center. That’s up from 62 percent of American adults in 2016.

READ >> the survey here: Pew Research Center

Reid Hoffman has billions of dollars and one of the best networks in Silicon Valley. Here’s how he’s using them to take on Trump. Inside the tech mogul’s 2017 political playbook -recode

U.S. may need new law to address Russian ad buys on Facebook: senator U.S. legislation may be needed to require social media companies to disclose more about how their platforms are used for political advertising, a senior Democratic lawmaker said on Thursday -Reuters

Twitter to brief Congress on possible Russia-backed ads: U.S. senator Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) is expected to brief U.S. congressional investigators soon on whether Russia used its advertising platform to promote divisive social and political messages during the 2016 election, Senator Mark Warner said -Reuters

Amazon Plans Second Headquarters, Opening a Bidding War Among Cities Wanted: A place with a million people, a diverse population, good schools and malleable lawmakers. Room to accommodate up to 50,000 workers. Canadian provinces also welcome to apply. -NYT

Whirlpool's washer battle with Samsung, LG heats up at trade hearing Appliance giant Whirlpool Corp (WHR.N) on Thursday called on the U.S. International Trade Commission to impose “global safeguard” restrictions on imported washing machines to stop its South Korean rivals Samsung and LG from flooding the American market with cheap machines. -Reuters

CHECK OUT >> the witness list here United States International Trade Commission

Most-wanted Chinese tycoon applies for US political asylum Chinese real estate tycoon Guo Wengui, one of the ruling Communist Party’s most wanted exiles, has applied for political asylum in the United States, his lawyer said, in a move that could keep him out of Beijing’s grasp for at least several more years. -The Washington Post

The next oil major? Service firm Schlumberger's big bet on production The world’s largest oilfield services company, Schlumberger NV (SLB.N), is spending billions of dollars buying stakes in its customers’ oil and gas projects - investing in the same ventures it supplies with equipment and expertise. -Reuters


The State of Global Shale While the United States gears up for what is expected to be a record-breaking production year in 2018, the rest of the world remains far away from catching up to America’s runaway shale success. -The American Interest 

PROBABLY NOT >> Venezuela's Maduro says will shun U.S. dollar in favor of yuan, others -Reuters