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Faster than a Speeding Congressman The emergence of such leaders is a relatively new phenomenon, one that is reshaping politics across the West. Today, two largely dissimilar presidents, Emmanuel Macron in France and Donald Trump in the United States, are its leading avatars. -Project Syndicate

National Wealth Still Depends on Making Some Stuff Apps, patents and social media aren't enough to power an economy that provides a good living for all. -Bloomberg  

PODCAST OF THE WEEK>> The Next Silicon Valley Is...? Today, no region can match Silicon Valley’s collective wisdom for scaling a business. But — from Buenos Aires to Boston, Tel Aviv to Shenzen — there are fledgling startup scenes that could ultimately give Silicon Valley a run for its money. -Masters of Scale


The Trump Vision for America Abroad President Trump just concluded a second overseas trip to further advance America’s interests and values, and to strengthen our alliances around the world. Both this and his first trip demonstrated the resurgence of American leadership to bolster common interests, affirm shared values, confront mutual threats and achieve renewed prosperity. -NYT

Trump and Macron go from mano a mano to tête-à-tête The US and French presidents show affection — possibly too much affection — as Trump receives military honors in Paris. -Politico

Senate confirms businessman picked by Trump as Japan envoy The Senate has confirmed Tennessee businessman William F. Hagerty as President Donald Trump's ambassador to Japan. Senators voted 86-12 on Thursday to approve Hagerty's nomination. -AP

Trump administration plans to certify Iranian compliance with nuclear agreement The decision followed heated internal debate that cast the secretaries of state and defense against some White House officials. -NYT

Alaska Looks at a Nuclear Threat, and Shrugs It Off In Washington, the news that North Korea may have developed an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of hitting Alaska set off a wave of anxiety. But here in Alaska — already home to survivalists, end-of-the-world preppers and all-around tough cookies — the latest geopolitical hubbub is being taken in stride. -NYT

U.S. asks nations to provide more traveler data or face sanctions -Reuters

Trump: I may slap both quotas and tariffs on steel President Donald Trump told reporters Wednesday night that he may slap quotas and tariffs on steel, according to a newly released transcript of a previously off-the-record conversation on his way to Paris for meetings. -Politico


Trump's Plan for His Border Wall Gets Shorter and See-Through -Bloomberg

U.S. energy secretary in Mexico eyes cooperation U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry promised on Thursday to promote cross-border electricity trade and investment with Mexico and said he expected talks aimed at updating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to proceed quickly. -Reuters

Brazil congressional panel votes against putting Temer on trial -Reuters

Lula, Brazil’s most fiery politician, goes out with a whimper, not a bang -The Washington Post

Death or Democracy in Venezuela Venezuela’s democratic institutions are in ruins, its coffers are empty, and its citizens are searching for food in garbage dumps. Its people are dying from starvation, from preventable and curable diseases (at much higher rates than the Latin American average), and from violence – including, in some cases, gunshot wounds inflicted by their own government. -Project Syndicate




America’s CEOs Need to Do More to Reverse U.S.-China Trend If negative views of a company increased by 26 percentage points over a decade, the chief executive officer of said company would have a major problem. In fact, that CEO would probably be asked to leave. -Inside Sources

U.S. prepares new sanctions on Chinese firms over North Korea ties – officials -Reuters

Tech firms protest proposed changes to net neutrality -Reuters (video)

DraftKings CEO Jason Robins explains why his merger with FanDuel fell apart Battling the FTC is expensive and time-consuming. -Recode

Qatar Air Should Give Up on Its American Dream Qatar Airways Ltd.'s bid to buy a stake in American Airlines Group Inc. is making less and less sense. -Bloomberg


Yellen Treads Carefully on Regulatory Issues in Senate Panel Appearance The American economy is doing well enough that senators largely ignored the subject as they questioned Janet L. Yellen, the Federal Reserve chairwoman, for two hours on Thursday morning. -NYT

Massive copper mine tests Trump's push to slash regulation -Reuters

Exclusive: Premature to talk of Mexico rate cuts before mid 2018 – Carstens -Reuters