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Labor Markets in the Age of Automation Advances in artificial intelligence and robotics are powering a new wave of automation, with machines matching or outperforming humans in a fast-growing range of tasks, including some that require complex cognitive capabilities and advanced degrees. This process has outpaced the expectations of experts; not surprisingly, its possible adverse effects on both the quantity and quality of employment have raised serious concerns. -Project Syndicate

The Game Is Afoot How spies, terrorists, and criminals could leverage gamified intelligence networks to wreak havoc in the 21st century. -The American Interest


Five takeaways from Comey’s dramatic testimony The fired FBI director shed new light on his controversial conversations with the president about Russia matters. -Politico

Why Trump Is Capitalizing On Obama's U.S.-Vietnam Comprehensive Partnership Contrary to popular beliefs, Vietnam is not leaning to China, and the United States is not radically changing its policy toward Asia. -Politico

House passes sweeping bank deregulation bill The legislation represents the GOP's opening salvo in the coming debate over easing the rules on the financial system. -Politico

Gearing Up the State Department for the Era of State- and City-Level Diplomacy These examples of American state- and city-level leaders crafting their own ties to states, cities, and businesses in India aptly illustrate just how the world of international diplomacy has evolved. I note the India examples purely due to my regional foreign policy focus, but similar state- and city-level delegations to China, Germany, Israel, Japan, Korea, Mexico, and many others abound. -CFR

WHITE PAPER>> Modernizing NAFTA For Today’s Economy -Internet Association


GOING YOUR OWN WAY, EH>> Canada Will Pursue a More Robust Global Role, Minister Says Canada will increase its military spending and its activities in international organizations as the United States seems to be stepping back from its international role, the country’s foreign affairs minister said on Tuesday. -NYT

SPEECH HERE>> Address by Minister Freeland on Canada’s foreign policy priorities -Canada

Mexico Agrees to Sugar Trade Deal, but U.S. Refiners Remain Unhappy -NYT

Brazil’s Argentina Moment It may seem hard to focus on policy developments amid the political and economic turmoil, but the fact remains that Brazil must overcome fundamental challenges if it is to lay the groundwork for sustainable growth. Few loom as large as the country’s fiscal woes. -Project Syndicate




Geopolitics is Facebook The current loose definition of geopolitics is the relationships and interactions between nations and regions. That is also Facebook. -The Mirror

Democracy Never Faced a Threat Like Facebook Europeans are increasingly concerned about ever smaller social media bubbles isolating voters from one another. -Bloomberg

The Dark Side of Voting Technology -Bloomberg

Trump's Economic Scorecard: EPA's Pruitt Playing Fast And Loose With Coal Mining Jobs From the Bureau of Labor Statistics there were 51,000 coal mining jobs in all of the US in May 2017 and this was only a 400 job increase from April’s 50,600. -Forbes

Exclusive: China's WH Group targets beef and poultry assets in U.S. and Europe Smithfield Foods Inc's owner, China-based WH Group Ltd, is scouting for U.S. and European beef and poultry assets to buy, in a move that would sharpen its rivalry with global meat packers Tyson Foods Inc and JBS SA -Reuters


S&P 500, Dow flat after Comey testimony; futures dip after UK vote -Reuters

Trump Team's Bond-Trade Worries Are Too Late -Bloomberg Gadfly

It’s Time to Limit Crude Oil Imports Higher oil prices, then, would seem to be the one way to guarantee that blue-collar jobs will be created. But, for most of America, higher oil prices are wholly unacceptable. Seeing prices at the pump rise evokes images of dollars vanishing overseas and diminished spending power from the American public. The conventional logic of the U.S. economy holds that higher oil prices are bad, and lower prices are good. -The National Interest

Stuck in a death spiral, Venezuela is borrowing money at any cost You don’t need to be an economist to recognize the sad, self-destructive pattern of Venezuela’s financial collapse. If you’ve ever had a friend or family member gripped by gambling addiction or a drug problem, you’ve seen it. You know where this typically ends. -The Washington Post

Colombia must make efforts to reduce debt-Fitch director -Reuters