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THE MARKETS ARE QUIET. Too quiet? The low level of a popular measure of volatility causes alarm -The Economist


First stop on Trump’s first official trip overseas signals Saudi Arabia’s importance -The Washington Post

Trump's Saudi Agenda The president, bearing a basket of arms deals, should get some reassurances from the royal family. -Bloomberg View

How a presidential prerogative can become a national security risk His actions appear to be upending conventions and generating enormous concern within the US system of government and with intelligence partners abroad. -The Interpreter

DEEP BREATH, AMERICA Donald Trump and the law A special counsel will lead an independent probe into the Russia allegations -The Economist

FCC kicks off effort to roll back net neutrality rules The Federal Communications Commission took the first formal step toward dismantling Obama-era net neutrality rules Thursday, kicking off what's likely to be a bitter and months-long lobbying battle over the future of internet regulate -Politico

U.S. sanctions 8 judges on Venezuela’s supreme court -The Washington Post


Trump Sends Nafta Renegotiation Notice to Congress The Trump administration gave Congress official notice on Thursday that it plans to renegotiate Nafta, but provided only the vaguest of hints about modest changes President Trump would seek -NYT

New scandal erupts that threatens to force out Brazilian President Temer -The Washington Post




The WannaCry attack reveals the risks of a computerised world The good news is that there are ways to fix things -The Economist

Restoring Competition in the Digital Economy With “superstar” companies operating globally, and dominating markets in multiple countries simultaneously, market concentration throughout the Group of 20 developed and major emerging economies has increased considerably in just the past 15 years. -Project Syndicate

Facebook wins dismissal of U.S. lawsuits linked to terrorism -Reuters

BuzzFeed sues for records on Trump-Obama tapping tweets -Politico

Technology's Path From Creepy to Acceptance I'm willing to bet that I will cave, and one day I will invite into my home an always-listening virtual butler and ersatz surveillance device. -Bloomberg Gadfly

U.S. academic groups oppose Trump's visa-vetting plans -Reuters

Brazil meatpacker JBS says executives to pay 225 million-real fine -Reuters


DOLLAR ERASES ALMOST ENTIRE ‘TRUMP BUMP’ Dollar slides to 6-month low as geopolitics weigh -MW

U.S. Stocks, Dollar Rebound; Brazil Shares Plunge: Markets Wrap -Bloomberg

Time up on Trump trade, hedge funds look abroad Hedge fund managers said they are looking beyond the United States for investment ideas as the so-called Trump bump stock market rally shows signs it may be fizzling. -Reuters

Chile first-quarter growth weakest since 2009 after copper strike -Nasdaq

Emerging Markets Are Slapped in Brazil Test Emerging markets funds have attracted a disproportionate amount of money this year. But now, are they willing to keep ignoring the fragility of some developing markets just to earn a little extra yield? -Bloomberg Gadfly