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Identity: The Link Between Foreign and Domestic Policy Perhaps the heartland’s Jacksonian mentality is oddly foreign to the idealists and realists of Washington and New York. Arguably, these elites have spent so much time focused on the world beyond the ocean that they forgot to first ask the basic question: Who are we? -War on the Rocks


Executive Order: Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States -The White House

WANT TO READ THIS >> The Jacksonian Revolt American Populism and the Liberal Order For the first time in 70 years, the American people have elected a president who disparages the policies, ideas, and institutions at the heart of postwar U.S. foreign policy. No one knows how the foreign policy of the Trump administration will take shape, or how the new president’s priorities and preferences will shift as he encounters the torrent of events and crises ahead. -Foreign Policy

Foreigners Trapped in the United States by New Policy -NYT

Trump on combative calls with foreign leaders: 'Don't worry about it' The president is under fire after leaks emerged about his aggressive phones calls with U.S. allies Mexico and Australia. -Politico

Chill, America. Not every Trump outrage is outrageous. -The Washington Post

In initial Asia visit, Mattis vows joint stance against North Korean nuclear threat -The Washington Post

President Trump eyes border tax on Mexico, China and Germany The Trump White House favours a "flexible" border adjustment tax targeting countries with which the United States runs big trade deficits, including Mexico, China and Germany, the President's top trade and industry adviser said. -Financial Review

Senators: Careful how we renegotiate NAFTA -Arizona Republic


In fight with Trump, Mexico has plenty of ways to punch back While the United States is the stronger power, Mexico is not without leverage if this dispute escalates. Top economic officials have already said that Mexico would “mirror” any additional taxes or tariffs that the United States imposes. Former officials have said that Mexico could also tax corporate profits from the many American companies with operations in Mexico. -The Washington Post

Two Florida ports cancel plans to ink pacts with Cuba -Reuters




Growth in U.S.–China trade deficit between 2001 and 2015 cost 3.4 million jobs Here’s how to rebalance trade and rebuild American manufacturing -Economic Policy Institute

Silicon Valley’s responses to Trump’s immigration executive orders, from strongest to weakest How CEOs are reacting to the immigration ban -The Verge

Microsoft Leads Pushback Against Trump Immigration Order Microsoft Corp. is asking U.S. officials to grant exceptions for law-abiding, visa-holding workers and students from President Donald Trump’s immigration order, channeling the outrage expressed by many in the technology industry with a proposed solution. -Bloomberg

Trump puts U.S. food, farm companies on edge over Mexico trade -Reuters


U.S. Stocks Pressured by Geopolitical Events U.S. equity markets were under pressure on Monday as traders reacted to backlash against President Donald Trump and his new immigration policy. -FXEmpire

Trump’s Border Tax Could Further Reduce Mexican Oil’s U.S. Ties -Bloomberg

Investors Are Pouring Into Gold -Bloomberg