HAPPY THANKSGIVING: PLEASE PASS ON THE POLITICS 1 in 3 adults to avoid talking politics over holiday season Nearly one-third of all adults will actively avoid political conversations when they see friends and family over the Thanksgiving and December holidays, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll released on Friday. About half said they do not expect to discuss politics at all. -Reuters


Senate Finance Committee approves GOP tax reform plan -Politico

$1.5 Trillion Tax Cut Passed by House in Mostly Party-Line Vote Thirteen Republicans voted against the bill, and no Democrats voted for it -NYT

Yes, a Corporate Tax Cut Would Increase Investment Republicans have science on their side when it comes to this part of their tax plans. -Bloomberg

What Can Trump Learn From Kissinger on North Korea? Trump’s approach toward China and North Korea may be taking a page from Kissinger’s book. -The Diplomat

Drain the Swamp, Not the State Department Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is his own worst enemy. -Bloomberg View

Corker-Tillerson alliance frays The GOP Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman and longtime defender joins a chorus of criticism over the Secretary of State's plans to restructure his department. -Politico

McCain warns Trump over staffing Pentagon with industry insiders -Reuters

Red Scares, Then and Now Russia’s interference in American and European elections constitutes a serious offense. But by treating Russian President Vladimir Putin and his cronies as an existential threat, Western leaders are playing directly into the Kremlin’s hands, and validating its false narrative about Russia’s place in the world. -Project Syndicate


No NAFTA? No problem, says one Mexican city “Of course we’re concerned. It could impact us hard, especially if tariffs increase or they block access to the U.S. market,” Vidales said, sitting in a popular cafe here. But, he added, “we’ll get through this, and much more quickly than before, because we have much more know-how and much more experience.” -The Washington Post

Peru: President Kuczynski denies Odebrecht bribe allegations -BBC




THE PRIVACY ISSUE IS NEXT Wireless carriers on mute as Supreme Court hears big privacy case The U.S. Supreme Court is set to consider a major cellphone privacy case later this month, but leading players in the wireless industry that is at the center of the closely watched dispute are keeping their distance. -Reuters

Election officials move closer to placing new rules on Facebook and Google The Federal Election Commission moved a step closer to placing tighter regulations on Internet ads published on major Web platforms, marking a significant shift for an agency beset by partisan dysfunction and another sign that regulators are seeking to thwart foreign meddling in U.S. elections. -The Washington Post

Vancouver Limits Airbnb, in an Effort to Combat Its Housing Crisis -NYT

Lyft to Begin Operations in Toronto, Its First Market Outside the U.S. The ride-hailing company Lyft, a major rival to Uber in the United States, is moving to gain ground internationally. -NYT


Keystone oil pipeline leaks in South Dakota, as Nebraska weighs XL -Reuters

Even Real Estate Developers Can’t Afford Toronto’s Housing Market Toronto-area land prices have gotten so high that developers are struggling to build new homes that people can afford. Buyers are no longer lining up, despite discounts and incentives. -Bloomberg

Debt Traders Dismiss Billionaire's Return as Chilean President -Bloomberg

Venezuelan Debt Now Has the Vultures Circling For years, investing in Venezuelan bonds has been a popular play for the world’s largest investors — seduced by mouthwatering interest rates, despite the obvious risks. -NYT

PDVSA Looks Like a ‘Zero’ to Man Who Ran Elliott’s Argentina Bet -Bloomberg

 “The oil belongs to the state. If PDVSA is reorganized under local law, external bonds could be a zero. Investors should be thinking about the possibility that they will never see much, if anything at all, on their PDVSA bonds.”