ENTENTE Mogherini hails ‘historic’ EU defense pact Move is part of Franco-German push to deepen integration after Brexit. -Politico.eu

World has racked up 7,000 protectionist measures since crisis The world’s top 60 economies have adopted more than 7,000 protectionist trade measures on a net basis since the financial crisis and tariffs are now worth more than $400 billion, a study of global data showed on Wednesday. -Reuters

Governments use 'keyboard armies' to manipulate social media, suppress dissent -France24


The Macron plan for Europe Emmanuel Macron revolutionised French politics. Now he wants to repeat the trick in Europe -The Economist

Brussels will have to deal with the Catalan problem as well as Brexit Would the European Union want to keep out Catalonia which has the 15th highest population in the EU and a larger GDP than Portugal? -The Independent

Bill to enshrine Brexit deal in law not enough for Tory rebels Further concessions from the UK government look necessary to prevent defeat. -Politico.eu

How Sicily Became Ungovernable Italy's poorest region, Sicily, is the country's problem child. Now it has elected a new government. To fix the island, it will have to overcome corruption and widespread Mafia control - and figure out how to convince its population not to leave. -Der Spiegel

The Czech Republic’s anti-Havel President Miloš Zeman ‘says what people want to hear, the way they want to hear it’ — just like Donald Trump. -Politico.eu

Europe rips up free-market rules to help farmers Farmers are finally making headway with complaints that they are the losers in the food supply chain. -Politico.eu

E.U. Ministers Approve Venezuela Arms Embargo -NYT


British Cybersecurity Chief Warns of Russian Hacking Russian hackers over the past 12 months have tried to attack the British energy, telecommunications and media industries, the government’s top cybersecurity official said Tuesday in a summary of a speech to be delivered on Wednesday. -NYT

Taking care of the billionaires A new party for Cyprus’s Russian exiles and expats -The Economist

Why Russian Oligarchs Will Be First to Leave Their Offshore Paradise (Op-ed) The Paradise Papers could help Putin’s efforts to return capital onshore -The Moscow Times

100 Years Since the October Revolution Russia's Unloved Anniversary It has been 100 years since the October Revolution that heralded the Bolshevik takeover of Russia and changed the world. Yet today, Russians have mixed feelings about the centenary and approach it with care. -Der Spiegel


The Upstart Saudi Prince Who’s Throwing Caution to the Winds -NYT

Shaking Down Saudi Princes Is Harder Than You Think Saudi Arabia's unprecedented corruption crackdown -- worth anywhere from $100 billion to $800 billion, depending on who you ask -- makes wringing money from rich princes look as lucrative as extracting oil from the desert. -Bloomberg

Yemen war: Saudi-led coalition 'to reopen some ports'-BBC

Qatar confident of achieving its national goals: Emir -Gulf News


Zimbabwe's Mugabe 'under house arrest' after army takeover Zimbabwe's military has placed President Robert Mugabe under house arrest in the capital Harare, South African President Jacob Zuma says. -BBC



The Ongoing Battle against Tax Havens The Paradise Papers offer only the most recent look into the widespread practice of tax avoidance. Governments around the world have taken steps recently to block such strategies, but it is unclear whether they will ultimately be successful. -Der Spiegel

Apple has reportedly relocated its international cash to Jersey -Tech Crunch

Margrethe Vestager, technophobe The EU competition chief’s growing mistrust of Big Tech is reflected in her online habits. -Politioc.eu

Britain targets tech talent by doubling visa numbers Britain is to double the number of visas available to exceptional workers in areas like digital technology and science to 2,000 to help retain an edge after Brexit. -Reuters

U.S. government witness in FIFA trial says media companies paid bribes -Reuters

For Uber, if only Estonia were Europe Troubled American ride-sharing giant gets some rare good news in tech-friendly Baltics. -Politico.eu

Deliveroo claims victory in self-employment case The test case was brought against the delivery company by the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB). -BBC

Facebook says Russia did try to meddle in Brexit vote -Tech Crunch

Political risk floors Russia’s Rosneft as rivals lift off -Gulf Times

Germany quintuples arms sales to Saudi Arabia and Egypt German Chancellor Angela Merkel's administration has been criticized for massively increasing arms sales to Middle East dictatorships Saudi Arabia and Egypt. One opposition lawmaker branded the trade "reprehensible." -DW

UAE to buy two Gowind navy corvettes from France -France24

Africa Roundup: Lori Systems wins BFX Africa, Andela raises $40M, Jumia lends to SMEs, Safaricom launches incubator -TechCrunch


Global stocks, oil prices decline; German growth lifts euro The euro was set for its strongest session in more than four months on Tuesday, boosted by strong economic growth in Germany -Reuters

German economy expands on investment drive German economic growth in the third quarter has beaten analysts' expectations as stronger investment propelled GDP expansion in Europe's powerhouse. Some pundits see a risk of the economy overheating. -DW

France's Nuclear Circus If power companies were rewarded for not pumping out planet-warming carbon dioxide, then Electricite de France SA would be a prince among paupers. Nuclear and renewables accounted for 88 percent of the French utility's output last year, whereas coal and fuel oil contributed just 4 percent. -Bloomberg Gadfly

Nordstream II gas pipeline in deep water As the EU executive deliberates on the controversial gas pipeline planned to link Russian gas supplies with German consumers, many believe Nordstream II could still fall victim to the EU's energy policy. -DW