G-20 finance chiefs, upbeat on world economy, affirm coordination over risks Finance chiefs from the Group of 20 major economies agreed Friday to step up coordination in coping with risk factors to the world economy — such as North Korea — amid signs that 2017 will be the best year for global growth in a decade. -The Japan Times

Japan labels North Korea ‘significant geopolitical risk’ to global economy -The Japan Times

Safe Cities Index 2017: Security in a rapidly urbanising world -The Economist

1 Tokyo

2 Singapore

3 Osaka

4 Toronto

5 Melbourne

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MY PARTY>> Xi Jinping and China’s New Era of Glory With Mr. Xi about to be reappointed to another five-year term in a Communist Party conference that begins on Wednesday... Many of Mr. Xi’s accomplishments and his likely plans for the future are underpinned by an idealistic view that China’s 200-year eclipse is ending now, and it is his mission to lead a rigidly controlled China back to the center of the world stage. -NYT

As Xi tightens grip, party's interests may trump market's Growing sway over big companies bodes ill for economic reform -Nikkei

China to build giant facial recognition database to identify any citizen within seconds Project aims to achieve an accuracy rate of 90 per cent but faces formidable technological hurdles and concerns about security -SCMP

The Economic Case for China’s Belt and Road Critics worry that China may be so focused on expanding its geopolitical influence, in order to compete with the likes of the United States and Japan, that it may pursue projects that make little economic sense. But, if a few conditions are met, the economic case for the initiative is strong -Project Syndicate


Hong Kong leader can't rule out barring even former governor Patten as China flexes muscles Hong Kong’s leader denied on Friday that China had taken over immigration controls in the city after a British activist was refused entry, but she couldn’t rule out barring even the last colonial governor and frequent China critic, Chris Patten. -Reuters


Abe tells audience he favors 'Japan First' policy, but with global focus -Mainichi

ELECTION WATCH>> Japan kicks off 12-day official campaigning for Oct 22 election Parties began jockeying for votes across Japan on Tuesday (Oct 10), the first of 12 days of official election campaigning before voters go to the polls in less than two weeks on Oct 22. -The Straits Times

Koike rules out forming coalition with Abe's LDP Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike denied on Friday that her new political party will form a grand coalition with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Liberal Democratic Party after the lower house election on Oct. 22. -Mainichi

Osaka-Tokyo regional split seen keeping Koike’s, Hashimoto’s camps at arm’s length But the leaders’ different rhetorical styles should not hide the fact that, on national security, diplomacy, and constitutional revision, there is virtually no difference between Kibo no To and Nippon Ishin. -The Japan Times


The Chinese Dream in Peril: Xi Jinping and the Korean Crisis Beijing has a vested interest in the status quo — not in the Kim dynasty. -The Diplomat

South Korea Needs to Diversify Trade Beyond U.S. and China, Finance Minister Says Seoul should hedge it bets as it tries to resolve economic disputes with top trading partners -WSJ (subscription)


A New Cabinet for Mongolia Yet another round of changes in government, yet another setback in the hope for genuine reform. -The Diplomat

Mongolia Coal Exports Cool as China Border Issue Creates a Bottleneck The loss of steam reflects issues at the border with China, Mongolia's largest coal customer, that have created a queue of trucks stretching 100 kilometres (60 miles) into the Gobi Desert. -NYT


US House committee passes bill on Taiwan visits A bill to encourage visits between the US and Taiwan at all levels was passed by the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs on Thursday. The legislation now moves on to the floor of the House of Representatives. -Taipei Times

China threatens U.S. Congress for crossing its 'red line' on Taiwan In a rare pressure campaign, the Chinese government is demanding that the U.S. Congress back off passing new laws that would strengthen the U.S. relationship with Taiwan. -The Washington Post

What the World Can Learn from Taiwan's China Experience As China’s economic gravity becomes inescapable and its military reach extends into the Western Pacific and the Indian Ocean, nations large and small are trying to benefit from the upside of China’s ascent while managing the attendant geopolitical risks. -The National Interest


Are maritime law enforcement forces destabilizing Asia? Maritime disputes in the South China Sea present an array of potential flashpoints between countries with overlapping claims. In recent years, many of these countries have mobilized government vessels traditionally used for maritime law enforcement to reinforce their territorial claims. -China Power Project



Asia Super Grid: SoftBank's latest dream stretches over 6 countries Multinational power transmission project begins in Mongolia -Nikkei

Ride-hailing apps take over Asia The race is on across Asia for ride-hailing apps, as growing smartphone use gives transport access to more people, and more ideas to entrepreneurs. -Nikkei (video)

Qualcomm files lawsuits in China to ban iPhones -Reuters

JV JOLT >> BMW, Great Wall confirm Chinese Mini production talks Great Wall’s shares had surged 14 percent on Wednesday and were later suspended after Reuters reported that it was discussing a joint venture with the German premium manufacturer, focused on electric vehicles. -Reuters

Mercedes-Benz, JVs to recall over 350,000 vehicles in China: watchdog -Reuters

Another UK-China ‘deal’ on ice amid secrecy and confusion Chengdu tycoon Wang Chunming reportedly entered a £1 billion 'partnership' with Sheffield in July 2016. Now it's unclear who exactly the English city's deal was with, or if it is worth the paper it may or may not have been written on -Asia Times

Kobe Steel cheating scandal goes global Daimler, Airbus, GE among the 30-plus victims beyond Japanese shores -Nikkei

Boeing passenger jets have falsely-certified Kobe Steel products: source -Reuters

Qualcomm to be fined NT$23.4 billion in Taiwan for antitrust violations -The China Post

Singapore's hidden home-sharing economy is quietly on the rise Despite government rules restricting the likes of Airbnb Inc operating in Singapore, there are signs that home-sharing has become more prolific in the city-state. -The Straits Time

Indonesian tourism attracts foreign investors -Jakarta Post


Geopolitical risk, Asian demand drives oil prices higher Millions of barrels of oil may be off the market and oil prices will spike higher if Trump's decision on Iran triggers tighter sanctions -UPI

Rickards Warns "Prepare For A Chinese Maxi-Devaluation" -Zero Hedge

ANOTHER CHINA GAME CHANGER PIECE>> Oil Futures in China Would Be Transformational It could be the first step in removing capital controls on remittance of foreign investors’ profits. -Bloomberg View

South Korea, China extend currency deal despite missile row -The China Post