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EMEA Wednesdays - January 18, 2017


Geopolitical Risk Is Now a Top Concern for Finance Professionals -Yahoo News

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These Are the World's Most Innovative Economies Nordic nations dominate the top 15, while South Korea reigns supreme and Russia is dealt a huge blow -Bloomberg

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The 2017 Geopolitical Overview For Europe -Forbes

European Parliament election: Antonio Tajani new president Italian conservative Antonio Tajani has been elected the new president of the European Parliament. -BBC

WANT TO READ >> Theresa May’s Speech Laying Out the U.K’s Plan for Brexit The entire transcript of the British Prime Minister's speech -Time

In response to Trump, France's Hollande says EU needs no advice from outsiders "Europe will be ready to pursue transatlantic cooperation, but it will based on its interests and values," Hollande said … "It does not need outside advice to tell it what to do." -Reuters

German opposition leader calls for security union with Russia, dissolution of NATO The parliamentary leader of Germany's largest opposition party has urged the dissolution of the NATO alliance. Her remarks come after US president-elect Donald Trump described it as "obsolete." -DW

European court says Russian ban on US adoptions was discriminatory -France24


Going to the People—and Back Again: The Changing Shape of the Russian Regime When Crimea was annexed in 2014, the Kremlin temporarily allowed more decentralized patriotic activism to rally support, but they soon saw the potential risks and reverted to more centralized political control. -Carnegie

Addressing the real source of the U.S.-Russia rivalry The countries that Putin most wants to influence are not in NATO and not covered by any formal U.S. security guarantees—yet Putin worries that they may be someday. Hence the incentive is high to make mischief now. -Brookings


Mideast peace summit in Paris ends with warning, calls for two-state solution Sending a forceful message to Israel’s prime minister and the incoming Trump administration, dozens of countries called Sunday on Israel and the Palestinians to revive work toward long-elusive peace - including an independent Palestinian state. -France24

Rouhani Says Renegotiating Iran Nuclear Deal ‘Out of Question’ -Bloomberg


West African states prepare Gambia intervention unless Jammeh quits Nigerian and other West African countries are preparing a joint force to intervene militarily in Gambia if President Yahya Jammeh does not hand over power, a Nigerian military source said on Tuesday. -Reuters

Gambians flee to Senegal fearing war over Barrow inauguration Dictator Yahya Jammeh lost elections but may not concede presidency on Thursday -Irish Times

Hundreds March Against Ivory Trade in Tanzania More than 550 people took to the streets of Tanzania’s biggest city on Saturday morning to protest the trade in ivory. -VOA



Italy rejects Germany's emissions allegations against Fiat Chrysler -Reuters

London's Bankers Man the Lifeboats Davos may be cold, but it looks like a more comfortable home for bankers than London. -Bloomberg

Rolls-Royce agrees to pay massive fines for bribery British engine-maker Rolls-Royce has agreed to pay $832 million to settle a long-running probe into bribery and false accounting in several countries. -DW

Apple’s UK App Store prices will rise 25 percent following Brexit currency fluctuations -The Verge

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Iran to purchase 100 Airbus jets in 'landmark' deal Airbus confirmed Thursday that it had struck a deal with Iran Air to sell 100 aircraft, including 46 A320 passenger planes, 38 A330 models and 16 A350 XWB aircraft. -France24


Say Hello to the Sterling Floor Over time, what drives a currency is the demand for its nation's assets and services, and the outlook for Britain is good. -Bloomberg